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  1. Whitehaven

    At least the Doggies are out too...
  2. Another 7

    I see we have Danny Ansell now.. seem to think he looked quite good.. Hope this doesn't mean that things arent looking good for Gaz? Would still like to see him back.. Bit like buses these sevens...seems we have three now.
  3. Toulouse predictions and team

    Spot on....
  4. Toulouse predictions and team

    Sykes seems to irritate quite a few rams fans but God knows how we’d look without him. At least he has a bit of spark and can tackle. And his goal kicking?? Can’t see what’s wrong with it. Misses a few but kicks plenty from out at the edges.
  5. Toulouse predictions and team

    Think all our team predictions might be on hold given the Wigan lad coming on loan. Will be interesting to see who is where!! wonder if these short term loans help motivate the current squad or affect team morale?
  6. Toulouse predictions and team

    I could argue with it Graham...I dont think we have seen the evidence to suggest that it makes sense to move Glover back to 6, but we certainly know he's great at 3. In contrast Knowles almost looks as good as Gaz when he's at 7 and that leaves Speakman to drop in at 6 so we finally get Sam Day in the squad. In addition, please, please we've moved on form the idea of Walshaw at 3? Hallet and Glover have shown the benefit of two proper centres rather than second rowers operating out there... Shame our new prop aint fit. Id go; Guzdek, Worrincy, Glover, Hallett, Morton, Speakman; Knowles, Sheriffe, Ward, Teanby, Spicer, Walshaw, Brown. Subs; Day, Everett, English, Crowther.. Will be fascinating to se where Ned goes mind.. Still think we could do it but can't see us scoring many so the defence will have to be tip top..
  7. Toulouse predictions and team

    Leave Glover where he is; Knowles at 6, Speakman at 7 and Sam Day coming in to share 9 with Wardy.... Will be tough to beat the Franchies with both Sykes and Moore out but do-able...
  8. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Nope. You’re right BSJ. Whack em up. That’ll always help get new people in. I can only apologise. I did chemistry and biology at college. Economics wasn’t on my radar in those days though I have often thought as I got older that it would have been interesting subject.
  9. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Looking good Tom. Well done. Get some decent prices out now. £10 to stand. £12 seating. £2 all kids. Once done get onto that guy from York for a few tips.
  10. Match bans

    If the system of putting players on report isn't already frustrating enough (one team loses a potentially key player while the other team carry on with a full compliment) I'm struck by the fact that we are still without Gaz Moore while the perpetrator of his injury received a one match ban. Surely there has to be a better way of penalising foul play if proven? In this case the London **** gets one match and we are without one of our best players for some time.. Can I suggest that in cases where the perpetrator is found guilty of foul play his ban is the same length of time as the injured player is out? I'm pretty sure that this would be a much better deterrent than what we have now...
  11. Barrow v Dewsbury

    Is that right? No Sykes would be massive blow the way he's started this season...
  12. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Looks the part. Thighs like Coolies. Is he any good? is he better than Matty English? who we dropping to put him I ? are we putting him in ? these and more questions hopefully answered at Barrow.
  13. Neil Kelly Praise

  14. Neil Kelly Praise Ned's gotta be in the running, surely?
  15. Challenge Cup 4th Round

    Boy oh boy, we always seem to drop lucky with these cup games !!!