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  1. V The Giants

    Any thoughts / ponderings / comments on yesterdays game for those miserable gits that didn't go?
  2. Pre - Season Friendly Games 2018

    Do we know how much it is to get in this Sunday?
  3. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    A pity your thread has been hijacked because your idea is a good one and should be something the club is already thinking about. A poster would be a good start and I know we have done them before..Tom?? How to go about it after that Im not sure. Does anyone know exactly what York did? Can we find out? MS must have contacts there. Mind, we can't get season tickets out and hang on to squadbuilder forms for three months so are we being too optimistic?
  4. Season Ticket still not arrived

    well, I guess we are seeing the results then....
  5. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    Agree on all this, but all the positives alluded to are all in the backs. I fear, as do others, that this will be largely irrelevant if we don't strengthen the pack. I trust in Ned, but am worried after what I saw Boxing day...
  6. Season Ticket still not arrived

    Hi Tom Any urgency you can bring to these issues would be a massive bonus. If you add this to the mess that was my attempt at giving to squad-builder then its really disappointing. We are all working too hard to have these gaffs keep setting the club back
  7. Boxing Day - any hope?

    didn't you watch the World Cup Piggy? Forward passes are the way to go...I reckon I had counted to 576 of them in the World Cup before I stopped counting...
  8. Boxing Day - any hope?

    Twas close to miraculous that..agreed...
  9. Boxing Day - any hope?

    They weren’t playing behind your pack, which to be fair, were pretty dominant.
  10. Boxing Day - any hope?

    You’re right. What a shocker he had. Only the two tries, one of them 90 metres while good old Campbell seemed to be running in treacle. Hallidays tackle on Campbell and campbells dumping into touch when he tried to smash through were my highlights. Not sure how any one with Marquis Charles legs could flatten somebody so easily. Cracking.
  11. Crowd tomorrow.

    Same every year. Was £17 at Doggies last year. Not much xmas cheer there. Agree £10 much more likely to draw in the unconvinced, especially in this weather.
  12. Crowd tomorrow.

    Ha ha. Is that your cracker joke Coolie. It’s never happened before!!!
  13. Oh dear

    I know we’ve moaned about this sort of thing before but I have just received a letter from my bank saying that my direct debit can’t be set up because the date of the first payment had passed. The direct debit was for squadbuilder. I filled the form in and left it with the club at the end of season fans forum. The date for the first payment was 1st September. It arrived at my bank on 18th December. It’s hard to help a club that doesn’t help itself. How can it have taken three months for the club to get the form to the bank?
  14. Toronto Wolfpack

    Don't let them get you down Kayakman...I find it hard to believe that there are any places in Canada that can beat the glamour and beauty of Batley, Fev, Dewsbury, Rochdale (I could go on..) NOT... If you ever get the chance to come over, spend some time in all four and Hamilton will seem like paradise..
  15. Thanks

    Thanks to the club for Wednesday night. Thoroughly enjoyed it and good to see the players Like the new shirts and like the look of rob worrincy. He’s one big lad. Reckon we can stick him at prop. Did notice Sykes was limping. Hope it’s not too serious.