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  1. Loan players aren’t the problem. Both the Wakefield lads and samy have largely performed pretty well. What we don’t have is any leadership and even less ideas. That said no one showed much passion in last nights debacle.
  2. We did six offloads a few games on. Then it stopped. Samy is known for it. Someone is telling him not to do it. To be fair none of the rest of the team would know what an offload is. If they’ve been with us more than a season it’s be ground out of em
  3. If Sykes is our for two months we are in BIG trouble. Rudderless / leaderless and hopeless without him. Even that can’t excuse the lack of passion we saw tonight.
  4. Absolutely shocking. An embarrassment. Batley Just wanted it more. Beaten by 11/12 men and the ref was probably on our side we won’t win again until Sykes is back. We have no leader on the field and I can’t see anyone talking. Do we have a captain? If I hadn’t had season ticket I’d have asked for my money back. Leigh, Widnes away next. Oh dear.
  5. I noted Knowles was defending out on the right last week I’ll say no more. Andrade done his hamstring. Spoke to him after the Thatto match. 3 key players out
  6. Agree on Brown. Ellis Robson is a forward from Warrington. We’re desperately short of forwards as you know. Without Sykes too tricky to call tonight.
  7. Damn right. They’re not. Any team beating Widnes can beat a Sykes-less Dewsbury, especially if Annakin is missing too I will travel in hope rather than expectation (mind. I always do)
  8. Gee whiz.. Not good news at all... We are a much poorer team without Sykes. Agree that if he's not available Brown would offer the best option at half back but Im even more worried about our right side defence without Paul. Watching the Heath match again last night you can see how poor we are defensively out that side... No doubt Batley will have spotted that.
  9. Disagree but time to move on...
  10. Didn't notice him..Hopefully Sam Day back Friday...
  11. Not sure any full back can cover the defensive weaknesses we have on the right when Sykes ain’t out there, but yes. His positional play is way better than Dale. Don’t get me wrong though. Dale the much better winger. I just don’t like to see him at FB you don’t see Gabriel drop many high balls either.
  12. Is much better as is his positional play.
  13. Defending never been Dales strong point imho. That why I’ve always been bemused when he’s put at FB.
  14. NickD


    Aye and well worth a visit it is...
  15. Fev will have caught us by the weekend...
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