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  1. Agree. Cost me £90. Absolute waste of money. England not at the races for whatever reason. Took my soon and nephew to their first big match and the atmosphere was no better than at Mount Unpleasant when Batley play.. Wont be going again in the foreseeable future.. Have there been any announcements on potential refunds for those of us that completely wasted nearly £100?
  2. NickD

    Players For 2019

    Great news....
  3. NickD

    Players For 2019

    I know. Sorry.. When Fev do this to us we go mad.....
  4. NickD

    Boxing day

    you mean when we have enough players to name a squad I assume....
  5. NickD

    Jack Teanby

    hadn't noticed BSJ, my apologies...All I know is what I read on here and most of the posts seem to relate to teams flashing the cash.. Maybe I need a new news source?
  6. NickD

    Jack Teanby

    Agree BSJ but are there decent props around that we an afford? I’m guessing we are on a shoestring budget once again
  7. NickD

    Gudzek and Brown

    sorry to see both go...Brown would be outstanding behind a good set of half backs and Josh will develop into a top class player IMHO..
  8. NickD

    Jack Teanby

    might not be big enough for a true prop but is the best we have got by some distance and if he aint replaced it represents seriously bad news...
  9. NickD

    Rochdale away

    Lets get Sykes in..Reckon he'd be great coach...
  10. NickD

    Ned to step down..

    your probably all spot on.. I reckon ned was telling them form the outset that its good to pass a ball into touch or just generally throw it into no mans land...He almost certainly kept pestering them to argue with the ref and miss tackles.. Im not saying all was / is well and I'm as mystified as anyone as to why Sam Day couldn't get in the team and what the hell happened to Gareth Moore but rightly or wrongly I don't think its as easy to blame the coach as we thought it was under GM. This season has just been odd, full stop. Cant explain it...
  11. NickD

    Ned to step down..

    Disagree. Said in my post Sunday “who’d coach this lot” we have been up and down all season and he’s also right about the budget. We are careful and I support that. We’ve debated it many times. But if you look at it from a coaches point of view it must be massively frustrating. Good players leaving and a battle to keep the ones we’ve got. Players like Liam Finn going to Newcastle! id probably leave. The good news is that I suspect we will end up back in league one which represents our natural environment and is where I believe we belong. Not blaming anyone but the Dewsbury folk. Look at the gate at York Sunday 3500. We wouldn’t get that if we were top of league one. I wish Ned all the best and wish his successor all the luck He’ll need it 😉
  12. NickD

    New Structure

    We already are irrelevant to the SL crowd. Watched RL Chat a few weeks ago and it was obvious when they were discussing the proposals that Hetherington didn't even know what effect the proposed changes would have on the Championship at all!
  13. NickD

    Rochdale away

    Sorry, cos you deserved the win but both teams were poor. You could have lost and we were ######..says it all
  14. NickD

    Rochdale away

    Who'd want to coach this lot? Couple of moments of brilliance outshone by some rank bad play, stupid decisions and careless penalties. Add to that the fact that Rochdale looked like they wanted it more. Is that 25K blown?? Well, well we might have to rely on our great friends at Fev...hah hah
  15. NickD

    Rochdale away

    Moore back in squad alongside young brad Delaney. Very interesting lets see who ends up at 7 i know who I’d pick