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  1. Non. To start with.
  2. Hard to disagree with most of that team but reckon Toby Adamson should definitely get a start. Tonker is fun but Toby gives you a lot more minutes. Have noticed already that we are better when speakman is on so I would start with him in the vain hope we don't then give away a 10 or 16 points start to the opposition
  3. Can't but agree with both those memories. Scarborough that dark night will never be forgotten and I can still see that first try now. Just close my eyes and smile. If we had a poll, would the great man be the fans favourite of all time I wonder? Back to the thread if the rams went under I would probably walk away. Might see the odd rhinos match because a mate goes but that would be it. The game is still a great game but I go the match because it's in my blood. It's my dads fault and before him my grandads.
  4. not sure but rob spicer had a good go from what I could see....
  5. Thought it was excellent warm up game... Our fighting skills will be finely tuned and thanks to our generosity in coughing up the ball so will the tacking... It will also have confirmed what most of us know, we need another half back.. They seemed to have so many options when close to the line..Is their number 7 available? Superb try from Potts after good thinking from Kain and I thought out fitness would have told given another 10-15 mins but we ran out of time. Plenty of work to down the kicking game too but looking on the brightside on the evidence of yesterday we should be able to hold our own who ever we end up fighting...
  6. well volunteered, when can you start Andy?
  7. Enjoyed the game. Both teams tried to play expansive stuff and that's to be applauded. With them playing largely fringe players it's Hard to know how we stand really but def room for optimism. The 16-0 start did us no favours and I thought we improved massively when Hemingway and glover went off and Speakman came on. Only gripe is the now familiar lack of offloading. Worked well once but second time our guys were so shocked we lost possession and they scored from the resulting play. With Stringer in the team we should do more on this front. He was awesome at it at Sheffield. Would also help if we got in their faces a bit more. We tend to hold back so they get up a bit of pace before hitting our defensive line. Highlight had to be Crooksies tackle. Thought Gary Cox was back for a moment!
  8. Good grief BSJ. You are good. Let's hope we can catch ourselves a few cast offs. Would be delighted if we could get Adam O'Brien back though no doubt we can't stretch our budget too far! Too much to hope that GM might know their half backs and might do him a favour?
  9. Both great teams BSJ. Were there many differences between 2000 and 2001. Cant imagine they were that different but know you will know
  10. Walshaw will play plenty of games at centre. Don't worry about that. It's the GM way. It's only the fact that Scott hales and rob spicer will be injured for so much of the time that might force him into the pack where he belongs.
  11. In the centre where centres used to play before it became de rigueur to play second rowers there.
  12. Pretty sure I used Flatts. "Are you going to the Flatts?" Would roll off the tongue nicely
  13. Well said BSJ. Very worrying off the field these days. No formal communication or information coming out. Still haven't had anyone associated with the club tell me if I better swapping from DREMA to squadbuilder. Massive shame but hey oh.
  14. Anyone from the club able to answer this? Still plugging money into the lotto that might be of more benefit in squadbuilder!
  15. Farcical doesn't do it justice. Way beyond what was acceptable. Glen won't even attempt to let us know his plans and based on last year I def won't be parting with the £68 it would cost me for my four. What was worse about last year is the fact that, as we debated then, there were many in attendance who don't normally come and def wouldn't again Can't see why the coaches can't get together. Agee to make it a sensible game and to encourage both sides to throw the ball about a bit. If we entertain on the day we might get a few more through the gate later on.