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  1. Good point BSJ and I have mentioned this in posts of times long gone. The guy that York have does seem able to work small miracles. I do however think that the Knights have one simple advantage - they have a local public that will turn out to watch the team when things pick up. Their gates seem to vary form mediocre when things aren't going well to superb when they are. Some of this will be down to marketing and promotion but I am pretty sure that even if we were fighting at the top of the table the Dewsbury public wouldn't get behind us in the way the York population do.. I seem to remember that there 1000s there when they played the last game of the 2018 season. Im pretty sure the if we had been in the same position we would have been lucky to get 1500. Sometime, for some reason, the massive majority of the Dewsbury decided that they don't really care about their professional rugby team and I don't think that anyone (even the York guy) could do much about it... That said I know that the style of rugby we have played over the last few years and the fact that we appear to do nothing but fight for survival has driven speccies away and even the little group that stood near my spot in the South Stand week after week has dwindled and dwindled. As I walked out last Sunday two Rams fans were saying that Leigh was their last game..They were going to save their brass and watch Shaw Cross moving forward ...
  2. Can’t see him leaving. He’s having such fun Anyway he should be in line for some winning pay next year. Surely even we can beat Crusaders at home!
  3. You betcha, but we let our centre go to oldham so we are down to just 12 second rowers to fill the spot. Absolutely shocking that we are playing a loanee second rower there and have let Leeming go...
  4. Disagree. Leigh looked ordinary at times and that was what was disappointing about today.. Halifax in the cup and Toulouse in the league looked much sharper to me..
  5. You choose BSJ..I don't mind either way...
  6. just hope we play the Dewsbury lads and not any more loanees...
  7. if (if) this is true I am even more disappointed than usual (Yep, BSJ...I know that sounds impossible). We are short of centres and Leeming looked the part to me...To be left out for Trout would make anyone vote with their feet...Shocking decision...
  8. They certainly don’t care about the likes of Dewsbury, batley etc and haven’t done so for a long time. That said the Toronto decision has given us much needed exposure and overall I’m in favour. You’re overall point is well made however. At least we had the amusement of London winning last year. That must have grated at the rfl. Imagine if it had been one of the old school like fax Never mind it’s all change with one up one down now and surprise surprise that seems to suiting Toronto
  9. If he could pass he would indeed make a great 6, but if you watch carefully passing aint his strongest asset..
  10. Got it first time thanks
  11. Spot on BSJ. Think Sam Day has benefitted from the suspension handed to ward. Looks far better given the full 80 mins. Rochdale defence wasn’t good but was nice to see us throwing the ball around for once. Shows we can do it. Hope sykes ok. Looked a bit dodgy when they came onto the field at the end.
  12. Quite laid back about this one. If we lose we will deserve to go down - simples
  13. Much better going forward today.. Thought Lewis Heckford did well as did all the change players. Pleased with Joe Martin who looked very solid and Toby Richardson and Fraser Morris also showed plenty of promise...If only we'd have thrown the ball about last week like we did the second half today.. Bit more optimistic for next week now..
  14. Brilliant. Super ambassador for the club... Well done.. Lets hope Wigan don't sign him..
  15. From what Ive seen Brown has been outplaying Finn.. spot on....very rarely...I would just modify your second question to "How many times have you seen them release the ball......"
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