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  1. Fingers crossed for number 9...
  2. Spot on. I stopped caring about or watching SL there and then. Barely seen a game either live or on TV since. The only thing I would say in favour of Wakefield is that the RL have tried their best to get shut of them but they just keep escaping.
  3. Missed the game as I'm 8000 miles away but is say that's as close to a miracle as is possible. Looking forward to a few reports and very interested to hear how our new centres went. Speakman back was a bonus.
  4. I'll have two of what Eddie is on!
  5. If this is true I'm the happiest man in happy land. Dont believe he can save us from relegation but reckon we'll be straight back and ready to rock and roll in 2019!!
  6. As coolie pointed out, a few of us miserable gets have been predicting our doom since the more than strange decision to stick with GM was made at the end of last season.
  7. Don't roll that out BSJ. not having the confidence to ask difficult questions like this in a large forum doesn't diminish the value or right of the question.
  8. Gee whiz coolie. Read the posts on the previous page. All you need to know on the link.
  9. You're definitely exaggerating now. A few little stones worse than watching us lose to the doggies. I don't buy it. Maybe you just don't hate it as much as I do?
  10. Nope. Not the pits. You're the better team. Just unbearable. The pain is unimaginable if I'm honest. I'd say watching us lose to batley is up there with childbirth, but I'm a man so suspect I'm over-egging it a tad.
  11. I know BSJ, that's why I said he could poddle around. put him in just for his leadership. There aren't many as good as him around in that front.
  12. Not sure I agree. The first sending off; our guy started it but from what I saw if we were playing union he would be looking at a few games. Second one was unlucky because momentum was involved but it looked shocking and you can't get away with tackles like that. Agree with BSJ on Sykes and think that along with any number of issues we face, the lack of a real captain is a big problem. Can't we get Tommy Gallagher back just to poddle around at the back and sort em out? Not asking him to do much. Just get em sorted with a few ideas and the right spirit.
  13. You reckon? Let's hope your right.
  14. Breakfast or bed time because we won't have a point before lunch time on easter Monday.
  15. It was a very good turnout for such short notice and I was pleasantly surprised at how well Prycy spoke. Calm and sensible. Whether he and Schofield can deliver on the pitch is another matter of course but it sounded positive. GM sounded positive at the last forum mind so it does I guess it doesn't really mean a thing. If a coach isn't positive we might as well go home it was interesting to hear Karl back up GMs musings that the players ignored His instructions. I thought this sounded ridiculous when GM rolled it out at his after match interviews but apparently it did go on. It sounded like the reason for this might be that players are fully aware that they aren't going to be dropped when you only have 17 fit players available, but it tells us all we need to know about the relationship in the dressing room! Was I alone in assuming Mr Sykes was the main culprit? All in all some reason for optimism but my concern remains that we just won't be good enough, especially given where we are now. There was talk of maybe trying to get another player in when the new coach is on board and it sounds like we will be trying a new half back combination this Sunday but even without the obvious injury crisis have we got enough quality on board I wonder?? only time will tell! Fingers crossed for Sunday but it's a shame our opponents are Fev. Another go at swinton would have been preferable!