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  1. Sounds like no Sykes tomorrow which is a massive shame. He and Moore were just starting to click and give us the same sort of options we had with Thacks and Seymour.
  2. Can't remember them ever having a bad game against us to be honest and I don't see that changing tomorrow. One of our bogey teams.
  3. Well we saw our right side defence las week! Let's see if Ned changes things around out that side or crosses his fingers😉
  4. Like both of these. Might even buy the yellow one if it ran. Not keen on the green, white and blue.
  5. That's as might be BSJ but the squad is in a much better shape than it was when GM was in charge and Ned has had the luxury of a much more settled team. My point was, is that because the players are keener to play, but you knew that.
  6. Anybody from Dewsbury that's half decent I imagine.
  7. If we can keep Moore we don't need him. Is that a big if? I just don't know.
  8. Aye. It's funny how we seem to have largely got over our injury crisis since the arrival of Ned. Good fortune or good coaching?
  9. Fair enough. He makes things happen and gets them a few penalties...
  10. We have a pretty decent centre imho, in Squires but he can't do that much from subs bench.
  11. Give over BSJ. Lads only just getting going. Reckon he loves it so much now that he'll out last the great Spicer-man.
  12. Gotta agree. If we can keep them both I'll buy one now, whatever division we are in.
  13. Top post. Not much anyone can add. Two great tries, Aaron Brown looking back to his best and we are looking very good going forward. However we were shockingly bad on that right hand side. Hope Ned has a plan to improve that before our friend Yere comes to see us Sunday. He likes his games against us!
  14. Agree. I guess I just associate Ball with that awesome team we had when Ned was here before. Les Holiday probably was the last classic 13 we had. Great player. Never found his barber shop though.
  15. wrong thread me thinks. Shame Ward is injured by the sounds of it but I think I just about prefer Day. Does seem to have that bit more nippiness about him (is that a word?)