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  1. Well I was optimistic after the Leigh game, which I think the score flattered them somewhat. I was surprised if not pleased at the victory away to Fax but didn't read too much into it. Last night has certainly given me more confidence and optimism for the season. We actually look like a "team" I'd say that the Vikings were poor in all areas but you can only play whats in front of you and we did that very well last night. Our game management in the last quarter was spot on, playing to a lead & not forcing it, thanks largely to Sykes. How many times have been in front but thrown the ball about or tried the fancy stuff only to become unstuck. Knowles was definitely deserving of the MOM, but it could easily have gone to any one of the 17 on duty last night Not going to get carried away yet though, as no doubt we'll get spanking when shouldn't"! I'd be happy to see fringe players go up to Cumbria mid week as, as great as the CC is, I honestly believe it a distraction we could do without this year, especially if we are looking for a firm mid table finish. It happy days and great start tho.
  2. muddyfunster

    V Leigh

    Just like others I was pleased with our showing last night and I'd say the final score was a little flattering to Leigh. It would have been nice to see us get over the line in the second half but their defence was just too good. Having said that the amount of goal line drop outs we forced proved we have more about us and that we made Leigh work for it from close range. I'm now more confident we can get the wins that count from the teams around us.
  3. Further to this (my apologies if this has been covered already, but I have missed it) what will the match day admission be for our "Home" fixture at Headingley?
  4. I just believe that it should be the Bulls who forfeit the home game (by this I mean income) and cover costs, as theres no real playing advantage, for this one. Afterall the Tetleys stadium is the permanent home of our Rams not the other way round. Okay I don't know the facts of the deal, but like BSJ said playing into the hands of the conspiracy theorists. I'm one in that case and it stinks!
  5. IMO a rubbish idea. Why should we have to give up our home advantage. I know ST holders get to use their tickets and I see there will be free buses but I can't imagine we'll get the bar takings etc and I'd be interested to know what rates the Rhinos will be charging us (I can't believe it will be gratis)? I believe it a looser for us, and it should be the bulls home game that gets switched.
  6. I wouldn't object to seeing Luke Hooley in the No1 shirt for us next season. It's his natural position and I'm sure he'd do a decent job being here permanently now Wakefield have released him
  7. I'd like to see the review panel take further action against Lilly, its just cheating. It probably wouldn't have had a bearing on the game but there's no place for it. I too didn't see much wrong with the collision that lead to Trout's sin bin 6 of one and half a dozen of the other! I also failed to see Garret knock the ball on when he intercepted it. Some of Smith's decisions were (IMO) dubious, to say the least. Oh well here's to next season
  8. A hide into nothing again today. I hoped we would win but knew we couldn't. However Barrows defeat at Sheffield makes us safe. I thought we played ok in spells. Jordan Lilly is IMO a total disgrace to the game certainly not a sportsman. I hope the review panel see this and serve some justice upon him.
  9. I too used to think Smith was one of the better refs. That all changed at home to the seagulls this year. I honestly believe he and his colleague on the right wing Royally shafted us that day. (Infact I spoke to 3 or 4 seagulls fans... who weren't causing bother... who agreed). That was one of the close ones that got away! Who knows our season might... only might have been slightly different if we hadn't been robbed? To be fair I've seen him since and realise hes just turned ######
  10. There are 6 league points still up for grabs if the seagulls do Barrow next week then we can breath that sigh of relief, as obviously we're unable to control our own destiny!
  11. Massive game for both of us. If we can get a very rare win up at the Mount and Bradford take the spoils in the south Lakes we are safe! ?
  12. The Dogs away is still very important. If...If we can get league points and Barrow keep losing a few then we're just about nailed on to survive. A draw would do as out points difference alone (as it stands now) is worth a game. Couldn't make it but massive pat on the back to the team and those who went along
  13. I really hope you do ? we are desperately becoming in need of other results going our way ?, as we have proven we are unable to control our destiny
  14. Ryder was my MoM on Sunday. I doubt very much that we will retain him especially if we drop down, I'd like to be wrong.
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