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  1. Hello folks, This dinner for David is fast approaching. It is a great chance for you to have a fantastic night with the very funny Pete Emmett, hear from some legends of the game and dine with one of them.... Will it be Daryl, Stuart or Liam you dine with or maybe even Adrian Morely, Steve MacNamara or Jon Wilkin? It will also be a fantastic chance for the people of Featherstone to show David and his family first hand how much we care for his situation and wish him well. You can now get individual tickets for £40 from the club office. Why not pop in and get yours at the game today? Please. http://www.therhinos.co.uk/news/19190.php Cheers, Martin
  2. Along with our good friend Pete Emmett from Halifax and also Daryl Powell I have been organising a fund raising event for David Singer. This came about after several of us went to see David in Halifax in December and were moved by lasting challenges he faces. He and his family and friends are great people and we really want to help make David's life as comfortable as it can be. http://www.featherstonerovers.net/article.php?id=8038 Leeds Rhino's have been wonderful in helping with this event and over 20 legends of the game will attend the evening. These include current players and coaches of Featherstone, Halifax and Leeds as well as others such as Jon Wilkin, Adrian Morely, Malcolm Reilly, Steve McNamara, Ben Cockayne, Richard Agar, Garry Schofield, John Joyner and more. It promises to be a fantastic night to hear the thoughts of all the legends. Each table will be hosted by one of the guests, so you will get chance to hear their tales first hand! I hope you can support this event and gather friends together for a great night. http://www.facebook.com/events/131881866942271/ Contact me or email david_dinner@hotmail.com for more details.
  3. Don't forget that the fantastic offer is available for the league campaigns. You can get two games free if you take advantage. http://www.featherstonerovers.net/article.php?id=3996 You can apply in the office, shop or online.
  4. Ovo

    Valentines Event

    Let the weekend of lurve begin this Friday with a trip to the clubhouse to see the fabulous Lisa Vandella band. It will only cost you a fiver each and it promises to be a great night. You can get your tickets from the club or pay on the Door http://www.bigbang.co.uk/artist/lisavandellaband
  5. Free entry next Weds (26th) from 7:30 onwards. Get down early because for a pound you can enter a competition to guess Daryl's selections. Whoever gets closest will win a prize. BTW - Daryl says that no-one will get it bang on, so there is your challenge. All the players will be coming up on stage to receive their shirts, with the appropriate words of Wisdom and encouragement from Daryl. There will also be a raffle where the first prize is to win a Player position sponsor. So that could be your name read out at the game every week and you will receive all the goodies that go along with it. If you do not win the raffle, don't despair... we will draw 6 more numbers to form a team of supporters who will take on 6 players in a sports quiz. Pie and Pea supper will also be available. We will also have our new sound system working, so no worries about not being able to hear at the back! Get yourself down and lets have the place buzzing.
  6. Ovo

    Why Kick to Halifax

    Correct Dave. If the had done a short kick off and got possession then there would be twice as many complaints because they would have been Jin drop goal territory right away. As you say, giving up an 18 point lead is what lost it and not what happened in ET We have lots to build on. A great season a d the next one could be even better. Still loving this club
  7. Ovo

    Fan of the Year from Fev

    That is fantastic news. Well done Garry. A few awards for the club today then :-)
  8. Ovo

    Songs for Sunday

    That fought and died for Proud Powells army and sent Fax homeward to think again
  9. Ovo

    Season Tickets

    Sorry mate, not sure what you mean?? If you are an adult and you have two kids then it is open to you. This is a standard offer open to all, not just for new members. You can bring the wife on the 2 adult / 2 children family ticket. Or if you were a season ticket holder last year and she wasn't, you can introduce her for just
  10. Ovo

    Season Tickets

    Well no point buying a family ticket then But the point is that there are 14 games, not 10.
  11. Ovo

    Season Tickets

    Colin, In my personal opinion, having a season ticket is about much more than a frugal investment. It is an opportunity to be a part of the club and help the club financially through a lean period where there are no fixtures (but still many bills to pay). The club gives you a discount in return.
  12. Ovo

    Robs end of season bonus

    Hi Andy, I passed your money on directly to Rob last night. Thanks, Martin