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  1. Gary Will KISS be acknowledged by the new owners? I hope so. Then you'll be ableto drop the letter I from your title.
  2. It's noon on Sunday and still no mention on RFL website.
  3. Completely agree. Andy Acko and Sharon are brilliant.
  4. You just beat me to it Spanish Knight. See Peter Martini on the York Press site 25 minutes ago. Wonderful news.
  5. It's 1925 hrs December 1st and I haven't had a reply.
  6. I emailed the RFL yesterday asking if York City Knights were still in the league and had any fixtures next year. The reply was that my query had been passed to the relevant department.
  7. Yes Gav, a lot of us do.
  8. No, it means that most of the 100 or so attendees don't visit this site any more but there are comments on KISS and Facebook. Personally I thought that JG came out of it pretty well in an open forum(there were pre submitted questions which were dealt with first) although there was some blood letting which was conducted with civility and in the end both sides agreeing to differ. New owners are in place apparently and it is now a question of dotting the Is and crossing the Ts. Pat and Ed's father, Dr Smith summed it up the best I thought when he opined that all the bitterness and conflict which had occurred was water under the bridge and that we should all unite and move the club forward.
  9. Thanks Andy. But will there be a 'next season'?
  10. Is this still in operation as I'm paying £10 a month and wonder if it is now money down the drain.
  11. It's been very quiet on here lately and I'm just wondering how many of us will be in attendance at Southbank WMC 3 pm a week on Sunday to hear Mr Guildford's answers to pre submitted questions.
  12. I felt a little chastened today after leaving the match early for the first time in many years in that listening to Andy Acko interviewing James after the game I learned he had only 17 fit players from which to choose and that York had played three very hard games in eight days, One can only hope that given the fortnight we have to prepare for Rochdale that we recover our fitness and form that we had earlier in the season.I'm sure that under James's guidance, we will.
  13. After our superb win at Rochdale last week, we were brought down to Earth by a better team today. Well done.
  14. Funny isn't it. It's been Ebor week in York but York weren't at the races today. Thebetter team won on the day.
  15. Trig It's in my diary for Wednesday September 7th at Bootham Crescent ko 1930 hrs but I can't find it on the internet I'm afraid and I can't remember where it came from.