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    Gav. Will season ticket holders receive them in the post or will we be advised when and where to collect them.
  2. Donny sunday

    Estimated 900 according to The Press.
  3. Sundays squad

    Spot on.

    Sorry to raise this again Gav, but there were a few Norman Collier moments on the microphone last week. Very frustrating and annoying.
  5. Knights 26 Wolfpack 16

    One word to describe today's game. Magnificent.
  6. Workington

    Thank you very much AB Knight.
  7. Workington

    Scintillating first half, bit patchy second. Gav, I know you read the posts on here and I'm sorry to bring this up again but the loudspeaker system yesterday was rubbish in that speech was muffled. I'm going a bit deaf but the other five people in my group are not and they said the announcements were very difficult to catch. I obtained a team sheet from the shop and I'm glad as I wouldn't have heard the names over the loudspeaker system. I buy a programme just to support the club but why aren't team sheets included. The level of the so called music was ok and not intrusive as it has been in the past.
  8. Today

    I thought the referee was excellent today but I do agree that he tended to favour Hunslet a bit in the second half but by then the damage had been done. He certainly was not a clown.
  9. Today

    In the first half quite a few supporters were saying 'It's just like watching Cas'. Super stuff. Met Roland Davies and John Stabler in the car park afterwards and they totally agreed.
  10. New website

    The new website is up and running and looks good. Some finishing touches required.
  11. Knights match day experience - fan feedback

    I buy a programme every week purely to help the club but having a team sheet yesterday was brilliant and I hope that the practice continues. I heard every word the announcer said and it was a great improvement. 'Music' still too loud though. I thought the taking of a souvenir photograph of both teams together was a nice touch after such a feisty encounter.
  12. Good to see Tom Lineham and Greg Minikin scoring tries tonight in another super game.
  13. Knights match day experience - fan feedback

    The announcer was much better today and didn't interrupt whilst the game was in play. Still don't like the choice or volume of the 'music'.
  14. Season Tickets

    I heard that season tickets could be collected from Bootham Crescent but when I called this lunchtime I was told that they were going to be posted out.
  15. London on Sunday

    First of all let me confess to being a deaf old git of 75 who has supported York for ages and enjoyed the game with some super rugby being on show by both teams. I must however criticise the 'announcer' today who imparted knowledge that I wished to hear but not at the expense of it being transmitted whilst there was play on the field, And what was the idiotic idea of interviewing someone whilst play was going on. The announcements about season tickets and merchandise should surely have been made at half time instead of the inane, deafening noise(you couldn't call it music) If the announcer is reading this may I say that I feel sure that you have York RL's best interest at heart but please don't spoil the spectators' enjoyment of the game by your quite untimely interruptions.