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  1. Marketing

    Dear club copy & paste ”Dear season ticket holder, Thank you for your support in 2017. What a great way to end the season seeing 2 ex players in the World Cup Final. Please find an application form for your 2018 ticket. We look forward to seeing you. Best Wishes Batley Bulldogs” Send via an email with an attachment or post for those that don’t. Sorted!!
  2. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Batley have signed ward. Is he any good. Would love to sign Tyson too. A bit hot headed but I was impressed by how he stayed on whilst playing with one leg against us. Hope you bounce back up next year.
  3. Why did we spend £10k......

    Point missed here Kevin. You could have Bill Gates operating it but there's no point as hardly anyone can see it.
  4. Sheffield ticket

    If your paying £10 for meal, £15 entry surely it would be better to club together & sponsor match at £300. At least there would be a few beers included then
  5. This season is nearly done.

    Most teams in Rugby League have had 100 plus years to make a success of the sport & haven't. Let Toronto get on with it & good luck to them. It would be great to watch Batley over there.
  6. Lost at game

    It might be with Halletts dummy as he seemed to lose that.
  7. Boxing day

    The attendance in league express is 1669. Thought there was a few more there but that doesn't seem too bad.
  8. 2017 squad and rumour mill thread

    Wrestling, % play, force the error, 5 drives & a kick into the corner for the big lad to catch & fall over the line. If that doesn't work try & barge over. The game is getting boring. Half backs have had their skill & individualism coached out of them. It's a dire state of affairs when Rugby Union players throw the ball about more than us.
  9. England shirts

    I thought you'd put an extra R in the title after yesterday
  10. Tonight's Do!

    Boot was on the other foot when they were tapping up Karl Harrison & our players
  11. Todays Batley News

    For the website Colin not for marketing.
  12. Todays Batley News

    Me again, I sent a tweet to Leeds Carnegie using your last post Kevin. They have a sports marketing department & they've suggested getting in touch with their placements office. This is how students put their theories into practice and the costs are minimal for those taking them. I would suggest looking at 2 so there is someone to work with.
  13. Todays Batley News

    In terms of marketing Kevin why not replicate the work done for the pink weekend. This is the most popular & effective aspect of the clubs season in my opinion. Looks at what has been done, what has worked & what hasn't and use that as a base.
  14. Todays Batley News

    Kirklees council helped build their stadium, they got promoted instead of us in 1995 despite finishing lower than us, they merged with Sheffield to keep their Super League place. Should anybody be surprised. Let's see what happens to them when Ken Davy isn't around
  15. News

    Haven't keighley already confirmed they're playing us?