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Shirt Launch

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I think it's ok......... only problem i have with it is the new sponsors.......... The Harris logo looks a bit clumsy over the 'V' and the orange and red clash a bit and that try assist thing under the badge doesn't look great either......

The collars are quite cool although i think they are too big........ I know the players complained they were too tight last year so they've probably over compensated this time round.

Don't think the away will be much cop.

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Share on other sites a sunday amateur side would turn out in...and the away shirts a howler..but the're my team and need the brass so opinions kept to meself! ;):D (and at the risk of sounding all pipe n slippers,could we please have the FEV put back into FEV next time around!)

My thoughts as well gaz. I normally buy one whatever they are like but not this year. The material is rubbish. I'm gonna get some of the leisure wear instead. Some of last years was good and i'll get more use out of that. Only wore last years once cos i couldn't stand the feel of it.

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