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  1. Simple, really. Just choose a team of 13 and 4 subs from this list to give the Aussies and Kiwis a good hiding in their own backyard. At rugby league. I would but i can't stop laughing.
  2. It's pretty straight forward really. Halifax won the GF. We won the league, time to move on.
  3. Couldn't agree more me big ginger mate. Thought HJS was a cracking stadium, out of the new one's the Keepmoat is my favourite. Don't go to Widnes but it's nowt to do with the ground. Batley is still my favourite away day, decent boozer, vastly improved stadium especially on a hot summers day and the fans are good people.
  4. When that happens there will be Leigh, Barrow n Toulouse from outside Yorkshire. Toulouse is a must visit, Barrow as well but only if it's an overnight jaunt. Leigh is a good un, always good fun and a smashing new ground. I'll definately be a happy bunny.
  5. Correct mate, Hicks blows the whistle immediately the ball is dropped. No chance of advantage. I thought he had a good game overall, missed a couple of things but in a game where he has to make possibly hundreds of immediate decisions i think he got most right.
  6. On a thread a while ago i said how pleased i'd be if Hunslet and York were promoted. And i am. It's a selfish reason maybe but replacing tedious trips to Haven and Keighley with two short trips to near neighbours suits me just fine. Means i don't have to put up with Russ for too long. I'm also looking forward to seeing some of our old boys back at POR. I'm not a big fan of their grounds but i'll put up with that so i can be home for tea.
  7. Just wondered, in the picture on the ROVERS website Gary Gloom the Master of Doom appears to be wearing a dress over his jeans. WHY?
  8. Where is it a fact that the Fax supporter was the subject of a vicious and cowardly assault. On the Fax forum it would appear that it was a prank by another fax supporter that went terribly wrong. Note i say appear as only those present really know what happened Did you register just 40 minutes ago so you could come on here and peddle rumour and innuendo. I hope you re-consider your premature comments. In future think before you post.
  9. You've certainly got a point about fans not going to every game etc, but you are so wrong about most of them attending games at POR. I live in Fev and i know loads of the people there yesterday only ever go to FEV's big games. Some of the fans arguing with the stewards and police at the front of the stand were not and never have been regular supporters. Yes i know they were being provoked and the authorities should have moved the Fax fans further away but their behaviour was out of order. The fact is EVERY team have there undesirables and it's how each club manage this that is important. I've visited every ground in RL and at every one there has always some dick who thinks winding up opposition fans or brawling with opposition fans is acceptable. People who turn up just to cause trouble or get that slaughtered they can't control themselves have no place in society never mind family sporting events.
  10. It's worth noting that in todays LE, Calland says Fax would have kicked if they'd won the toss. I agree with you Martin roll on 2011.
  11. I'm pretty damn sure the decision to kick first wasn't made by Stu alone. DP and RS will have discussed it in the time they had. It was a fifty fifty call, get it right and we have first chance, get it wrong and they do. We lost the game because we couldn't defend an 18 point lead, SIMPLE. It's gone now, we close the door on last season.and open the door on next season. "ONWARD AND UPWARD".
  12. DMS

    Jessie Joe

    He's gone, we move on. End off for me.
  13. 15 coaches full from the club. Not sure how many unofficial ones there are.
  14. It's a big well done to Gary Gloom the Master of Doom. 21 years i've been trotting round the country with ya pal and i hope we have many more. UP THE ROVERS
  15. I'd like to ask Bluebeard why he has such shockingly skinny legs. He obviously doesn't do any leg work in the gym.
  16. Well done the club and all involved for the caps n t-shirts. They are terrific and will look awesome on GF day.
  17. You are definately a man of our times Lowfield. Half naked chubby blokes getting in touch with their feminine sides - i'll give it a miss. Couldn't cope with the nightmares!!! I'll give the one with the fit barmaids another go.
  18. With 2500 standing and 500 seating tickets available i hope we at least manage to use all those.
  19. The lagooners were in talks with A McNeil within 10 mins of the match finishing. Travel and tickets will be purchased together. Further details to come shortly.
  20. Robin, i don't give a toss what other supporters think of us, all i know is I'm in awe of our lads. The tackling in the first 15 minutes of the second half was terrific. This i feel won us the game, once Fax realised there was nowt in it for them they faded badly. Yes they were chasing the game but we were so patient and it payed off as we put them to the sword in the last 15 mins. We have scored more points all season than any other team. We have conceded less points than any other team so they can all go and kiss my hairy a**e.
  21. Robin, it doesn't matter a flying fruit bat who is playing for them. It's what our boys do that count's.
  22. I can se the ground from me kitchen window so i've had to stop going in there. Everytime i look at the ground i turn into a quivering wreck
  23. As long as he's consistent towards both teams that'll do me. He's not the worst by far. Although he reffed in SL the other week and was absolutely slaughtered by both coaches, players, fans and everyone else.
  24. "it just zoomed into Tonka's gentlemans vegetables on its own, honest."
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