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I was asked about Eagles results of scores of -46 [ :blush::blush::wacko: ] or more....

Here they are:

LEEDS 18-Nov-84 JPS(1) 2- 50

WARRINGTON 09-Feb-86 CC(1) 11 -62

WIDNES 17-Jan-93 D1 10 -56

WIDNES 14-Feb-93 CC(2) 6 -52

AUSTRALIA 26-Oct-94 TOUR 2 -80

ST.HELENS 18-Aug-96 SL I 2 -68

WIGAN WARRIORS 29-Jun-97 SL II 2- 58

HUNTER MARINERS 02-Aug-97 WCC 12- 58

ST.HELENS 25-Sep-98 SL III 0 -50

BRADFORD BULLS 05-Jun-99 SL IV 2- 52

BRADFORD BULLS 22-Aug-99 SL IV 4- 52

ROCHDALE 21-Jul-02 NFP 2- 64

HULL FC 02-Mar-03 CC(5) 0 -88

BATLEY 16-Mar-03 ATC 12 -62

YORK CITY KNIGHTS 17-Apr-05 LHF L2 10 -60

Widnes Vikings 03-Jun-07 NL1 10 -56

BARROW RAIDERS 05-Apr-10 4- 50

The ones in BOLD were at Home (Bradford was at Chesterfield)

or in table format


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Do you want to review those typos ?

We've scored more than -4 pretty much every game as far as I know.

first score eagles, second score opposition

thus AUSTRALIA 26-Oct-94 TOUR 2 -80 means: ......

played Australia at DVS on 26 Oct 1994 in a tour match : Eagles 2 (David Mycoe goal) Australia 80......

but I am sure that you knew that !!!!!

Eagles were in the lead for that game for a short while !!!! :rolleyes:

ps the games mentioned were all where Eagles points difference was -46 or more.

Edited by Eagleraider

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