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John Drake

What topics should be discussed in this section of the forum?

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Following the recent debate and inconclusive poll about what topics should or should not be discussed in this section of the forum, I have decided this section of the forum should be renamed:

The UK & European Rugby League Forum

The place for general discussion about the Super League & the Co-operative Championship competitions, plus general UK & European Rugby League matters in association with Rugby League Express.

That covers the vast majority of stuff that gets posted in here already, and should cause the minimum of confusion to anyone already using the forum, or to new members just joining in.

As the site has a dedicated Australian RL forum, inherited from 18 months ago and the regulars on there are quite happy with it, it makes sense for everyone else to join in with them on there to discuss Australian RL from now on. If it is a bit quiet at the moment, then hopefully it will get busier once everyone gets used to using it more often.

If anyone isn't happy with the above, well I'm sorry, but that's tough. It's just not possible to suit everyone all the time and I'm giving up trying. This is the best compromise I can come up with that causes the least disruption. I'm sure everyone will get used to it after a while, and if anyone really really hates it, then there are lots of other forums out there that may suit you better. Try those instead because we won't be re-opening the debate on this issue on here again.

As ever, there will be 'grey areas' and matters arising from time to time where it may not be 100% clear where a particular topic should be discussed. Hopefully these will be few and far between. In these circumstances, the moderators will use their discretion and move threads accordingly. If in doubt, please post your topic where you think it is most appropriate, but don't complain if the moderators should decide to move it elsewhere.

Thanks for your support.

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