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Do you prefer the Championship telecast on Thursday night, Sunday night, or Saturday afternoon?

When do you prefer to watch the Championship on TV?   12 members have voted

  1. 1. I prefer to watch the Championship

    • Thursday night
    • Sunday night
    • Saturday afternoon

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Right now it seems that people enjoy their Championship rugby league on Thursday night.

The only problem is that two clubs may have a small turn around time from the previous Sunday afternoon. What then are the options that are best for players, best for fans, and best for the TV audience?

Let us assume that Sky will continue to telecast Super League on Friday nights and Saturday nights. That rules out those two nights.

Sunday afternoon is not a good option because so many fans are watching their Super League or Championship matches at the grounds.

What about Sunday night, perhaps one hour or more after the Sunday games are finished? That is, Sunday at 6 pm or later?

Or what about Saturday afternoon, with these games to be switched to Thursday night or Sunday night during the few weeks when the Challenge Cup rounds are being telecast on Saturday afternoon by the BBC?

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I think the Thursday night spot works well with NRL fulltime on before it and superleagues super men after it a good night on the telly and give us 3 hours of back to back programing, plus saturday and sunday are full of big sporting events that would possibly harm viewing figures. The short turn around for players is a small price to pay, and only affects most championship clubs once or twice a season.

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