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TRL helpdesk - Insurance/legal issue

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I'm hoping somebody here can help...

3 months ago a woman reversed into me as I was reversing out of a parking space. I was stationary, her rear hit the side of my car and she apologised as she got out of the car.

A few days later I received a letter saying that I was responsible for the crash which totally threw me and angered me beyond belief but I guess it's par for the course nowadays. I sent pictures to my insurance company showing the damage to the side of my car and the rear of hers and heard nothing else until yesterday when I received a letter saying I am being taken to court for the value of just over £1000 - how there was that much damage is beyond me but here's the odd thing....

The claimant is a Mans name at the same address as the woman who hit me so and am presuming it's in his name as he is probably the insured and his Mrs was driving on his insurance however the court papers clearly state "the claimant was driving their....The claimant had finished reversing and the claimant had right of way"

However the claimant was not even there - is this just a technicality or can it be thrown out straightaway? I have instructed my insurance company to obtain CCTV from the shopping centre

Either way I hate her

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