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  1. This forum is like Rugby Union for me - for some reason I keep giving it a go again in the hope it becomes quite entertaining- how wrong could I be
  2. After giving this forum a wide berth for a while now it's great to see the same cretins posting the same stuff they did 6 months ago. And to see Fev fans giving it large is pure comedy gold!! See ya
  3. They are only paying a few of their first home games there until the artificial pitch is replaced
  4. Probably Brentford but their manager is an absolute bell
  5. i presume your appointment was at specsavers and you're picking up your prescription in the week?
  6. I'd love to see Danny ward get the job. He did an incredible job with a much less talented group than Hull - think he'd be great
  7. I don't think there is any doubt that Wire were the better team and over 80 mins deserved the win but still disappointing to lose with the chances we had at the end there. Still, not the end of the world, we'll be alright this season I reckon
  8. I think leeds got beaten 66-10 almost 3 yrs ago to the day - can;t remember who beat them though......
  9. this from a person who post things like this and finds them funny!! I see that in line with their recent spate of loan signings, Warrington have now Loaned Wolfie, their wolf mascot, to the Wolfpack. The 1 week loan deal will see Wolfie on the park for the TWP away game at St Helens. Genius!
  10. I think the late hit is this years "focus foul" - similar to the crusher tackle and canonball tackle in previous years. Matautia got 2 matches and honestly didn't see anything in the game (that's not defending him by the way) As you say, as long as there is consistency - no idea why Matautia got 2 and Satae got 3
  11. You support Cas - you don't need to highlight any other redeeming feature of yours. She's lucky to have you
  12. Looking at the squad, if we even stay close to Wigan we'll be doing well
  13. I said at the time that it was great to see 2 half backs taking the line on for a change, something we haven't done for 2 seasons. Thought Trueman massively benefitted from Richardson and seemed much more confident on the ball. One of our biggest issues last 2 seasons has been no creativity in the opposition 3rd but think we showed some yesterday - in the first half at least.
  14. very pleased with the performance yesterday especially missing so many players and then losing Griffin Not sure why Toronto are all thinking the world is against them because yesterday, other than cas fans, the whole stadium was behind them
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