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Now for the test

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With no home game until 28 July and matches against some of our main rivals, it will be a testing time for coach/players, fans and not least the club. Revenue will be minimal after 5 weeks on the road where most attendances will be sub 500.  Essential then for our promotion chances, to emerge with not a few wins, bonus points and with confidence for the final home run-in.  Defence will be a key factor and it seems that we have improved of late, aside from those switching off periods.  Any news on the injury front, particulary Crook? Having two good place kickers would be a bonus.  Is this run-in is where the Saints factor will really benefit?


Go for it... we need out of this division.

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Good call mate, we will be very severely tested in the next month or so which will define our season!  The players will nee to be 'switched on' at all times and if we can come out of tis period with more wins than losses then we will be handily placed for the run-in.


Oxford will be a big test as they seem to be quite strong especially at home, London away is a bit of a bogey for us and Hemel away will be 'interesting', shall we say?  North Wales away is in that period as well ad we will have to be rally firing to take the points there.  Oxford, Gateshead then London, that' some travelling for the loyal fans.


As for Crook, I believe he trained last Thursday but was not considered to be ready for inclusion yet.  He did tell me via Twitter he was targeting yesterday but that's rugby players for you, too keen for their own good.  Maybe next week?!?!?


I can't go away at the moment so I will follow the games on Twitter with my fingers crossed!



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