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RLWC2013 celebrate 100 days to go

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If the tournament achieves its goal of having over 500,000 spectators, it will be hard for the media to ignore it. Sure those numbers aren't as big as what the Olympics, Cricket, Soccer or Union World Cups get, but it is still a big number.

I have to admit I'm impressed how this tournament is coming along. Sure it would be great if we had sold a million tickets and had more sponsors, but things are ticking over and we are on track for our biggest World Cup ever which is the most important thing.

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For the 2011 Cricket World Cup, no attendance figures were released (suspicious), but for 2007 in the West Indies there was a total attendance of 672,000 at an average of 13,176. Don't think we will be far behind that average. Will we have a claim to the third biggest World Cup in Britain soon?

And we are clearly a long way behind RU, but you only have to see how far they have come since Britain hosted the 1999 World Cup, which had to be spread across Britain and into France because there wasn't enough interest to stage it all in England. The RU World Cup lacked an identity, struggled to find the right format - but then it got it right and now look at it.

I'm not always a fan of comparing us to other sports, as we must develop at our own pace, but these can be used for two things:

- make us realise we at a bad stage at all in terms of crowd figures if tickets continue to sell at the reported rate.

- make us realise how we can improve if we have patience and settle upon a format and settled year margin between World Cups.

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