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  1. Heard today you’ve signed a World Cup half back.
  2. Any update on the CDM25 meeting you attended recently? Tuesday was it, mate?
  3. Yes, most definitely. I process players for Wales. All documents are required and they’re thoroughly checked.
  4. When I spoke to Mason… ”My grandparents are French mate!”
  5. 6 nations from Euro Championship and top 2 from Euro Championship B I would like to see - 2 groups of 4 to ensure additional fixtures
  6. It’s poor. I would be looking to play an Asia-Pacific Cup the year after a World Cup, 8 teams including Lebanon and the Cook Islands. 5 qualify from this, leaving 3 and 1 more (Philippines? Vanuatu? Japan? From an additional tournament) to battle it in proper World Cup Qualifiers the year after. The Cook Islands are always the after-thought in the Pacific and giving them just one solitary game to qualify isn’t helping their cause nor helping Africas cause.
  7. If you can be encouraged to do so, payment for recast apparently goes directly to the nations so is very much worth it - if you’re able to of course.
  8. A mate of mine was contracted down there last year, he didn’t speak fondly of operations in the week when I caught him to see how things were going. ”No more money going in, they were very reluctant to pay any of us back end of last year.” ”Tiff (Peter Tiffin) had enough I think, all about his bar now” ”Not a thing (have you heared from them?) so am going to have a go up at ***** (L1 club)”
  9. Sounds like a very close game with the tiniest of in-goal areas! I can hear the gasps in Australia from here. Also looked a healthy crowd of locals too.
  10. The majority of heritage Brazilians grow up in with two Brazilian parents or are born there and emigrated early - I imagine the language barrier for them is minimal if not non-existent
  11. Take a look at HeCanPlayFor - a few Aussies qualify including Mahe Fonua of all people.
  12. I played in those early games, I think the one good crowd coincided with the circus being present next door.
  13. You got it! Now the dots are beginning to connect for the OP.
  14. Ah, Dean Buchan! Ended up on the bench for Bath Rugby League before disappearing into obscurity again .
  15. Surely their stadiums are too small!
  16. I’ve got a very long story filled with inside knowledge for you on this one. Will share it with you once I have more time. Pie in the sky delivered by delusion will be the story’s blurb
  17. Vertou XIII (run junior sides including a fully-fledged U19s) Nantes Rugby XIII (men, juniors and wheelchair) Tigres de Nantes (juniors and women) Loroux XIII (juniors) Reze XIII (juniors)
  18. Don’t disregard the superb work of Treizistes in and around Nantes - which isn’t the south!
  19. The ‘yet to be released calendar’ features 4 games in 5 weeks. That’ll be the magic number I think - down under at least!
  20. Usually what happens anyway mate (in non-covid circumstances/World Cup years) 2014: 3 games 2015: 3 games 2016: 3 games 2018: 3 games 2022: 5 games The reality is now that we need to push to 4 or even 5 games EVERY season to guarantee more home internationals
  21. Wales will improve. Three times as many players in Super League systems (first team, reserves and academy) next year than this. There’s growth in that squad and increasing depth.
  22. I consider myself Welsh not British, which may explain my thinking there but that’s a whole new can of worms that is best left off this positive thread.
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