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Squad Additions?

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So what or who do we need to add to the lads already signed on for next season?


Here is my two pence worth, I know we will probably not have a huge squad but what I'd like to see is -



I think we are pretty sound with Wayne at No1 and have some good options across all the Wing & Center spots should we suffer with injuries, without doubt some experience in there wouldnt go a miss and keep the players on there toes, also some size in the back division wont do us any harm players at Ch 1 level are noticebly bigger in stature. A fit and commited Mike Ratu Jnr Jnr would be like a new signing for us, sadly we saw all too little of him for one reason or another.



I would like to see a bit of competion at No 6  & 7 for Crooky & Roper, although for me Crooky would get a game every week for his kicking alone. However we dont really have too many options at Scrum-half so some competiton would add another dimmension to our play going forward. I know the role of scrum half has changed but it would be great to have the option of a skilfull halfback who forms the focal point of our attack. A marque signing like Paul Crooke at Donny with tons of experience would do us the power of good, but in reality I dont think we could tempt that type of player.


Front row

Up front a replacement for Houghy at No 9 is a must, we will miss his leadership and direction for sure, I thought at times in some games our speed around the ruck was a bit on the slow side so an injection of pace from the interchange bench would really give us some go-forward. McGlurg will get better and if the rumours are true the new chap James Dandy from Barrow may be just to player to provide the perfrct foil for Clurgy.


Woz Thompson, Forster and Cooky where awsome last season and drove us forward time and time again, hopefully we can retain Forster and adding another option would be a big help, the physical size of the Batley and Eagles props in the grand final was pretty impressive so some added size would complement our current options. I think Chris Tyrer (I might be wrong there) has re-signed for us but I didnt get much chance to see him play before injury ended his season


Back Row

Again we have a fair few options in this area, I was pretty impressed with Adam Bowman against Fiji, he looks to have put some size on and really stood up to some of the big Fijian lads, but I am not sure If he is on the cards again for us. Greenwood came in from Saints and played really well, although I think he may be destined for bigger things at Saints. We have some good 'workman like' players in Trumper, Case and Baines. Llewellyn looked really good towards the end of the season also and can also do a job at center if needed.


All in all with a couple of key additions and some help from Saints we should have a decent looking squad. The step up is huge lets not kid ourselves, but lets see. Im sure that one way or another we will all be Ready Ready!


Whats does everybody elase think we might need / want to keep us up next season?

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Whats does everybody else think we might need / want to keep us up next season?

Basically, a squad of size/power, speed and a few players with Championship/SL experience to help the 'youngsters' and the huge step up to the new level. IT is, reportedly, running his eye over a couple of overseas additions from within the "lesser-known" world cup sides - Fiji wouldn't be bad starting point!   Commitment to the Hornets shirt paramount and a squad large enough to cope if a bad run of injuries..   Also, the dual registration with Saints will be a key factor.  Does anyone know if Saints' reg. with Haven will be allowed - for two teams in one division ? 


From what little I have seen of Hornets this season, and compared with higher levels, they need to increase the tempo of play going forward, cut-out the 'switching -off' and defensive frailties that cost us dearly at times.    If IT and the players can engender the same collective spirit that took us through the play-offs to this opportunity, it will count massively in what will be a very hard competition.  Not made any easier if the proposals for 5 to be relegated are accepted and without even a play-off!  Some clubs may be tempted to gamble recklessly to reach top nine safety and the bigger pay day from 2015.  Also, full consultation will be needed to avoid a glut of away fixtures during mid-season ground maintenance, as much as end of season consecutive home games could be useful.


So, here's hoping for a not a little luck to add to the fire power and spirit we shall need - it would be great to stay up first time up for years and join the 2015 season 'elite' in SL2/Championship or whatever called.

Bring it on.

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