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  1. I can’t believe Lions have a smaller budget that we do....we’ve got nowt! Having said that I bet they’re still running on a fraction of the more established sides in the league. Every credit to Swinton, they’ve really kicked on after a couple of seasons of struggle and look set fair for another solid season next year already; well backed, well ran, well coached and a decent hardcore fan base all pulling in same direction something for us to aspire too I guess.
  2. That’s Hornets fault too! Outrageous....RFL are a joke
  3. Get on with it! Spotland not being available isn’t Hornets fault, but I do get the frustration this didn’t come out sooner. Mayfield is a more than suitable one-off alternative for this game and the two teams involved, let’s be honest there’s not going to 1000’s crammed in is there? It’s held pro games in the past after all and will do again when required, is it as good as Spotland or Sale, no it’s not, is it suitable? Course it is, the RFL has approved it, what’s the issue? Hornets have problems for sure, but there working on these on and off the pitch, I’m not sure how sustainable sharing Spotland is these days but it is what it is. With the many problems Swinton have had over the years with finding a home, surely they can sympathise with what Hornets are faced with over this weekends game? Hornets have tried to get a game on is about all they are guilty of. Having said that some folk always want a moan, some of the comments about cancelling the game and giving the 2 points up are laughable, we’ve already played away at Swinton so it can’t be reversed, the AJ Bell would cost a fortune, playing at Mayfield really is the best compromise at such short notice. Leaving a postponement as the only real option or Unless Swinton have genuine, specific H&S non compliance issues at Mayfield then just refuse to turn out and we’ll gladly take the points Don’t get me wrong health, safety and welfare should always take precedence despite my own view that Mayfield is an acceptable alternative, but other than actually stating specific issues it just sounds like sour grapes over previous RFL guidance on where Swinton can play. Let’s see what they make of it when they arrive, this saga may run and run, until we see both teams on the pitch at kick off time who knows...... Good game on paper, Lions will want to rub it in and further secure there Championship status while Hornets desperately trying to get a win in what’s proved an awful season. Two old rivals on a sunny Sunday afternoon playing the game we all love.....let’s just get on with it eh? Not perfect but hey whenever has RL been perfect; game on let’s play. God help us if Hornets win......
  4. Really pivotal results these last two. its just show the enormous task Matt has got mid way through a season, let’s be honest though the die was cast in preseason. whilst we’re not dead and buried just yet it just shows how much of a turnaround we need. Interesting to see Fozzy put a MOM performance in for Haven on Saturday.
  5. First time I’ve attended for a while, pleasantly surprised with the effort in 2nd half, unlucky not to squeeze a draw but some poor plays and stupid mistakes put paid to that A better side would have had us out of sight to be honest, but I can’t fault the effort it was a real positive. Great to see Lewis playing again surprised the influence he had on us to be honest as it was him taking us around the park and putting a few kicks in after only a week back with us, not sure what that says about us and current leadership group. Scott Moore surprisingly quiet. A couple of big mobile forwards wouldn’t go amiss, but all in all a good effort to make a game of it im sure Matt’s influence will continue to improve us over the coming weeks, still a fair way to go but that would give the lads some confidence
  6. No response to my post about membership either...... typical
  7. Can become a member on the night, mines lapsed
  8. Unbelievable! Is it good news or bad considering where we are financially? Matters not I guess we’d take staying up any day of the week. was always going to be an interesting off season with the well known changes taking place. I just hope off the field we get our act together this year. Well done Killer and thank you, some awesome memories. Come on Fozzy get us firing again please
  9. Killer to Fev next season; anybody else hearing this one?
  10. It’s about as bad as I ever remember. dissaray on and off the pitch, somebody needs to get a grip, if not I’ve got some serious doubt about our future. cant be arsed on AND off the pitch.
  11. Good response to Last weeks shocker! well done all. Now go out next week and back it up with another win
  12. Confirmed on his FB page. Going back to Ireland, I guess if things been going ok on field this could have waited till the end of the season. Timing says it all really good solid player Matty, he’ll be missed
  13. I know what your saying about the young lad Dave, it matters not but those players are all his squad now, he’s bombed much better players out of the club to make way for most of these lads, it’s his team his players he’s responsible for the performances end of. we’ve been on a learning curve in this league for 2 seasons now the club is stagnant and need fresh impetus off the pitch and on it. We had nothing yesterday, no spark, no direction no power no pace; nothing. The amount of mates who’ve said to me ‘how bad were Hornets yesterday’ is untrue. Im fed up of the same old post match rubbish, refs fault, encouraging display etc etc. At least we got a new one yesterday ‘the young lads froze in front of the cameras’......absolute rhubarb. next week will be better eh?
  14. Diabolical. our fates pretty much sealed now we are going down, time for some fresh impetus from somewhere let’s make some changes ahead of next year (ideally we could start to look outside of Warrington for players and coaches) Currently being out played, out muscled, out enthused by bottom of the league Swinton. Shambles in patches and totally ruderless
  15. Good result that, boogy team are the Rams; especially away from home. Let hope this sets up a bit of a platform now.
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