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I was just thinking about our current England squad. If we had to pick a side with players who aren't currently in the squad. I'm ignoring injuries and retirements ect but look at the side we could potentially field:

1. Stefan Ratchford

2. Tom Lineham

3. Ben Crooks

4. Jack Reed

5. Jermaine Mcgilvary

6. Danny Brough

7. Matty Smith

8. Eorl Crabtree

9. Shaun Lunt

10. Jamie Peacock

11. Danny Kirmond

12. Gareth Hock

13. Ben Harrison

14. Danny Houghton

15. Luke Burgess

16. Alex Walmsley

17. Chris Heighington

One hell of a side if you ask me. That side isn't including players like Richie Myler, Jonny Lomax, Mickey Higham, Darrell Goulding, Ryan Atkins, Gareth Ellis, Kyle Amor.

Shows how much of a decision Steve McNamara had to make. I honestly think that side could easily beat England in a one off game and wouldn't do to badly against Aus/NZ.

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