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FANtastic !

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Just like to say a big thanks to all of you who were able to make the meeting on Monday night and as you all now know we ALL need to pull together as one to put our great club firmly back where it belongs.


There were some great fund raising ideas which we will collate and take forward via the people who offered their services.




A big well done to PeeWagg who put a petition on the Total RL forums to get the Lions back into Swinton and as I write this message just over 500 people from all around the world have signed it already and you can also leave a comment as to why the Lions should be back in Swinton. I have already seen comments from former plays King Les, Phil Edge, Ken Hindley, Bruce Johnson and Ian Sinfield. Wish everyone was a member of the trust but great comments from the Rugby League community.




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OK I no longer go to games for both personal reasons and the fact that I felt very let down by previous directors because of what I call their secret society attitude.But putting that aside I went to the meeting and the fact that people are signing the petition by growing numbers vindicates the actions of the trust by being honest enough to tell it as it is.I also hope that fans of other RL clubs have signed this and the strength of feeling forces Salford Council to act accordingly and give Dr Koukash what he wants,ie the green light to build a stadium in Swinton centre.

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