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  1. RIGGY

    Summer bash

    Be great to see you guys again. Welcome back to the Championship
  2. Tragic news. RIP Archie From all Swinton Lions Fans
  3. Anyone coming to Our Fun day ? Everyone welcome
  4. Bulls were outplayed by a side who wanted it more and lucky to get the point. Five wins and a Draw in last eight games for Swinton. Barrow at home next week for the Lions
  5. Well played today York hope you didn't see anymore OBSTRUCTIONS on the way home
  6. Should be a good game
  7. Good Evening We look forward to seeing you at Heywood Road on Sunday for which should be a good game. Just to let you know that there is a Masters Game on with a 1230pm kick off featuring The Rugby League All Stars v Wigan St Judes Masters. Rob Burrow will captain the All Stars which will also have Ryan Esders in their side along with a few other well known names of the past. We will also have a Bouncy Castle for the kids and live music in the bar before kick off. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday and safe trip
  8. Football at Old Trafford on Sunday 3pm Kick Off Legends Match Please allow for that if you are travelling over. Thanks
  9. By the way Swinton were not the bottom side. That would be Widnes. Swinton played the windy conditions pretty well in the second half but i thought the Raiders would have been kicking 40/20's for fun but that wasn't the case. This is a very tough league this season and there will be still plenty of twists and turns to come.
  10. Hi Hornets fans Thank you for coming to shout the Lions to safety today. We have some great friends between out two sets of fans and it will be great to see you all again next season. Riggy
  11. Don't forget if you have a free afternoon to come watch some FREE Rugby League at Heywood Road, Thanks Riggy
  12. A lot of our fans have bought their travel packages for the Swinton game in Toronto should be a great occasion
  13. The pitch at Heywood Road has been inspected and the signs are good however the Referee has slight concerns over a small area of the pitch but as the temperatures are due to improve overnight they will inspect again early on Sunday morning but things are looking hopeful at the moment. Please monitor the Lions Twitter and Website in the morning for updates. Thanks Riggy (Swinton)
  14. There has been a pitch inspection this afternoon at Heywood Road and things are looking hopeful for the game tomorrow. There is one small area of the pitch causing a little concern but hopefully this should thaw during the night and another early inspection will take place on Sunday morning. Please monitor the Twitter account and the website for further news. Thank You
  15. Hi Andy and All at York Be nice to see you all again Riggy
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