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NRL Rich in talent and ... Money!

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Many of the best players in the world feature in the NRL week by week.

It isn't without it's financial problems at one or two clubs but the game itself down under is now enjoying strong finances.



NRL chief Dave Smith has delivered a record surplus in the "tens of millions of dollars" in his first year - and will now consider investing in sports-related assets, including stadiums.

While the NRL's finances have never been stronger, Mr Smith told The Daily Telegraph it was critical the game reduced its reliance on billion-dollar TV broadcast deals and developed "income-generating assets".



These things go in cycles. It was only last year that there was a record loss of $3.5m


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Yes, thank goodness the game got rid of Gallop and brought in Dave Smith. I have been watching every thing he has done so far, and he has already made huge progress. Here are just a few things he has done,

Fixed the second tier, and created a NSW/Qld Super-Bowl finla on NRL grand final day. That in itself opens up huge financial gain and possibilities. 

PNG has been admitted to the comp. The game now has a further 7 million market.

Joined together Touch Footy with the NRL family. 

Digital growth and grass-roots will benefit as will the regional areas with more games and better support, as well as the indigenous areas having more support and competitions like Queensland Murri carnival.


The biggest improvement is the people he now has working around him. 

He could see that he could not do this job alone, so he has brought together 7 of Australia's best in their fileds to support his team. Greenburg, Dolye, Etc. 


In the meantime Gallop is still up to his old true methods, telling everyone his new code will be the number one code in Australia while gangs of thugs and bullies run riot on the streets and let of flares and cause havoc while Rome burns. 

It is not hard to see who got the best deal. For once. 

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