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Drama at Tigers

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Robbie Farah's 'in a dark place' according to what's been said today.

The spineless Wests Tiger board have shilly shallied about Mick Potter.

They've signalled his sacking then after the public backlash neither confirmed him to season's end nor sacked him. They've just deferred kicking the problem into the long grass for now hoping  the problem will go away.


After saying all sorts at the weekend apparently saying he wanted out of the club and other such threats Farah's now in a poor state of mind while his team mates prepare for their weekend game.

What a poor state of affairs.


A strong chairman would surely have not let this come about.

Potter deserved better, likewise the players.

The joint venture's fans deserve better.

As for Robbie Farah????

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A lesson for all clubs here I think. Player power = chaos.

I hope Mick Potter gets the Tigers into the top 8 and triggers the clause in his contract that entitles him to continue as Head Coach next year.

As happened at the Bulls, Potter continues to conduct himself with the utmost professionalism and dignity. If the Tigers do get rid I'd love to see him back in the British game.

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