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1 hour ago, TMF said:

Thanks boat builder, well done but those figures will have changed by now. EG..Oxford had 65, yes, 65 Sunday. RL, are you watching? Probably not. 

Every minute of every game matters??????

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18 hours ago, boat builder said:

From the York Forum Page.

Updated average crowds after the 3rd round of fixtures. Last seasons averages in brackets. 

League 1 + League 1 Playoff/Shield matches only

Toronto 6639 (N/A)

York 1078 (592) +82.1%

Newcastle 923 (797) +15.8%

Barrow 851 (967) -12.0%

Keighley 822 (592) +38.9%

Whitehaven 692 (N/A)

Workington 647 (N/A)

Doncaster 565 (614) -8.0%

London 443 (445) -0.01%

Hunslet 417 (451) -7.5%

Coventry 383 (454) -15.6%

North Wales 357 (430) -17.0%

South Wales 223 (294) -24.1%

Gloucester  203 (134) +51.4%

Oxford 156 (163) -4.3%

Hemel 116 (180) -35.6%

  Its unfortunate that Hemel and Oxford are seeing such low attendance as I believe both clubs deserve better - they may both have been whoomped by TWP but both teams showed some spirit and some points of good play.  I find it odd that Hemel which I have been reading has significant development programs in place in the community is not able to draw upon those foundations to attract more fans.

York is up but I have to think the fantastic attendance they had when TWP visited skewed their numbers.  Nonetheless I have seen that their management have quite evidently been taking some queues from their TWP experiences and implementing some changes in marketing, signings, etc and I hope that it translates into long term success both on the field and in the stands.

I hope Barrow gains back and more next year what it has lost this year.  Given the potential diverse makeup of Championship next year I don't understand how any fan would not be excited to attend games that might have Toronto, French teams, Bradford, Hull or London visiting.

It does seem Barrow management might need to get more creative about marketing.

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Skip, I love your optimism, but yes, Toronto, and who knows who else will be in the championship next year. Certainly not Bradford. But hey, the RL have yet to decide the format for next season. I can't wait to see. My opinion, if they don't get it right this time, well, expect a faster decline of this great sport and some of the clubs that have made it great. 

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