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Division Championship

Championship - Ovenden
Div 2 West        - Hanging Heaton
Div 2 Central    - Woodhouse Warriors
Div 2 East         - Doncaster Toll Bar
 Clubman (sponsored by Pennine Trophies)
Championship - Lee Bettinson - Sharlston Rovers
Div 2 West        - Andy Boocock - King Cross Park
Div 2 Central    - Shaun Calvert - Woodhouse Warriors
Div 2 East         -  James Welbourn - Moorend Marauders
Individual Awards
Sportsman  -  John Brewerton - Sharlston Rovers
Player of the Year - Graham Charlesworth - Ovenden
Coach - Richard Wilde - Underbank Rangers
Team  -  Ovenden
Fair Play - Hollinwood

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Do you have play off score & league cup final scores? I’m trying to compile a record of leagues since they started, ( yorks men’s, north west counties/men’s, pennine, hull , Cumberland & barrow). Any help appreciated 

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I'll try to find out mate, at the moment a few of the Pennine committee are away on their Jollies

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