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Championship Relegation battle (aka Shield)

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Fixtures (in no particular calendar order) based on current standings :


Home: Sheffield, Dewsbury, Rochdale, London. Away: Leigh, Batley, Swinton


Home: Dewsbury, Swinton, Leigh. Away: London, Batley, Barrow, Rochdale


Home: Swinton, Rochdale, Batley. Away: London, Leigh, Barrow, Sheffield


Home: Rochdale, London, Barrow. Away: Leigh, Batley, Sheffield, Dewsbury


Home: London, Leigh, Sheffield. Away: Batley, Barrow, Dewsbury, Swinton

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It's all irrelevant if we don't beat Swinton this week, they beat Dewsbury so they pulled them back in the fight I think Barrow and Sheffield are safe. To be honest I think that we are down already we are not good enough for championship this year as the last few weeks have shown, we all knew we would loose but the manner in which we have has been  appalling. And even if they where the fixtures we have a harder run in then both Swinton a team that has more momentum than us and Dewsbury a team that has more talent than us. 

Miracles do happen and we are not down until we're down, on paper we have a great team and in the shield we will play teams we can beat, but we need to turn a lot around starting with confidence after three hammerings we need to win this week not just for points but for confidence.

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