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    The cup is a perfect example of rl fans almost killing something brilliant off with their negative propoganda. People are convinced this tournament is a waste of time. Personally its given me some of my favourite moments of my life.
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    I find the moaners much more tedious than the happy clappers. We've tasted success now a few think it's there God given right
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    I completely agree. There is more talent in the NRL than I can ever remember and stacks more waiting in the wings. There are more English players playing there full time than I have ever known. There are also far more Kiwis and South Sea Islanders playing in the NRL than there have ever been. There are still more than a few decent Aussies in SL. What often accounts for poorer performing clubs is simply bad management, whether that is at coaching or boardroom level, rather than simply bad players. There will always be clubs that have their ups and downs and many can be transformed with things like a change of coach. Like you say in a league many players are automatically below average. I always hear the same arguments about New Zealand not getting another team or France and that they shouldn't get one until the Warriors or Catalan have won the league. Just because NZ Warriors have been managed poorly or have a bad culture doesn't mean there aren't the players for another NZ team. If anything another team would create competition and drive the NZ Warriors on to better things. The same goes for Catalans. The not enough players argument is just a cop out.
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    Well done Featherstone Rover's,thoroughly deserved your win,we just didn't show up in the second half. Your lads wanted it more than ours.Good luck in the next round.
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    The statement about not enough talent is idiotic enough that no-one who says it deserves to be taken seriously. Half the players will be below average, no matter how many clubs there are. However, a good viably business should be given a go, regardless of whether a RU franchise has failed in the same location.
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    We lost against Haven , but people are getting downbeat . We had big injury issues from the Barrow game and because of that we were down to 2 props , one of which had a huge strapping on one leg .The ref and yes ourselves making errors gave us a mountain to climb .Certain players have come in for criticism , but all in all we came back to lead and only the bounce of the ball saw us beaten . Even after that we made a couple of good breaks which might have led to tries .We need to get behind the Club and not be so negative ! UP THE TOWN .
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    Like a lot of people I am really concerned as to what has happened/happening. It seems to me that 1 person is trying to change 25 + people which in itself is ok but not in such a short time. I'll give the benefit of doubt to inexperience BUT at the cost of demolishing structures that the players are used to. Listening to the interviews on radio leeds it did sound like Matt Diskin has a problem accepting the current methods are not his problem it's the players. Sorry but I disagree. He is implementing them without appreciating what he inherited. That is a structured team who had tried n tested methods. Surely bring change in gradually ,not from day 1 . Also as an aside....Neil Kelly said he had rung the RFL and advised them he was struggling to raise a team. Having said that I will like most on here continue to support the Gallant Youths as we have been here before and will be again.
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    Well, if I was Chairman I would be nearer to the players and the coach than certain supporters on the forum. And I think I would know what I was doing. Kevin has a had good track record with coaches over the last few years, so I think we should have a little more trust in his judgement. Dewsbury had reached the point where anything was better than doing nothing, a point we haven't reched by far I think...
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    Do you ever say anything positive about RL? Just enjoy it for what it is.
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    I just don't see the point of quoting from a different Toronto thread, which is still current, to have exactly the same arguments on this one. Every Toronto thread does indeed raise the same issues and gets completely taken off topic. This is usually by you. This is usually in the form of you pouncing on one line of a persons post and quoting it, allowing you the chance to go completely off topic.
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    What a load of rubbish once again. we are the new Ostriches. Keep burying your heads in the sand - going nowhere under Diskin FACT.
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    Cult YouTuber Korean Billy, the Asian fascinated by British dialects has made a promotional video for Magic Weekend. Though a fair few people are knocking the video, it has already racked up an impressive 50,000 views. So, it is achieving its purpose of getting people talking about Magic Weekend
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    I've seen awful,dreadful and downright lousy Batley sides play over the years. Tasted victory and hugely depressing defeats. I dont really expect success,even after the last few years of relatively good times. i wouldn't be watching Batley if thats what I wanted believe me! Im too long in the tooth to be fooled by Diskin's 'the players dont stick to gameplan,dont do what they're told....blah blah blah' We all know since the alleged James Brown 'incident' that the players aren't playing for Diskin. Sack him? Who knows. But today some players just couldn't be a***d.....and I'll be blowed if im paying to watch half hearted performances. been there and done that too many times over the years.i have the utmost respect for anyone who steps out onto that field for my entertainment,but it works both ways lads. Something has to and will give soon. Hopefully before we end up in the relegation zone.
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    Good luck in the next round. I was very disappointed to lose, especially by the golden point. A draw after 80 minutes was a fair reflection as it was an exciting game. We have won before by golden point so have to accept defeat by it. I hope you get a good draw.
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    Very well done Swinton Lions.Enjoy your win,you deserve it like we did last season. Bet there'll be some sore heads in swinton tomorrow. I'm chuffed to bits for you all.
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    All 4 comments BTL on the piece state that it is a good article. No surprise that when rugby league does feature in the national press there is a 'supporter' who will is totally,utterly and wholly negative about it.
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    Look, we've already established that you're not going to answer any request to bring evidence to support your repeated assertions that we've never had it so good ... and now you're envious that some people might get an extra day or two holiday. Just stick something up about the forum clique and how only you understand the real world and then come back tomorrow and do the same again, yeah?
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    Where do I start!!! firstly I'd like to say what a big strong powerful team barrow are. Very good support play too. They should have had no need for any help from the man in the middle. But they got plenty of it. To chalk hayneses try off was diabolical and then to allow them to go the other end and score off a mile forward was unreal. Best was still to come though as the game was already won he and his touch judge allowed a forward pass that was so far forward it was into next week !!! dont get me started on the man in the sunglasses!!!! well done York. You should have and deserved better. rant over
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    Yeah that's right. Let's take away the cash lifeline of these small clubs. It is now the only chance of playing a big club now all the other competitions have been scrapped
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    Looking at the situation we are in, with demotivated players not caring if we win or lose, it needs a full on meeting with Chairman, Coach, and team, and get some honesty out in the open. Action can then be taken from there. Supporters, sponsors, volunteers, etc want to see effort on the pitch, and if that is not happening, and if they perceive that the Club are responding to the situation with apathy, these people will review their commercial support . I realise it has been said in some quarters that we are expecting too much after last season, but we do have a reasonably strong squad, and a fighting fund that we have not had for decades. Surely, if managed in a positive manner, that is a sufficient recipe to build on last season's success, rather than it all go up in smoke.
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    Well from my prospective Diskins doing ok
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    complete crapola, the putting of Davis on report was the icing on the cake. Tackle of the season that.
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    Thank you all Its proper cheered me up Reading these comments
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    And they were right too. We bunch up pairs of rounds and then have something like two months between the 6th round and the quarters. It should be three-week gaps, with 4/5 weeks between semis and final.
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    Yes, I'd forgotten about him. "Here we are in the Barcelona sunshine. I'm getting paid to watch world class sportsmen at their peak, and quite frankly, it's an absolute disgrace".
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    Officials in semi pro or professional rugby league probably expect some grief from fans but in the amateur game they should be left to do their job free from harassment and any form of verbals. If this continues there won't be any officials left and then we will be in a mess won't we?.I know that sometimes it's difficult as it's a full on sport but sometimes you have to bite your lip.I watch amateur rugby league and I have to keep my opinions to myself sometimes.
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    The cup is dead because there are two many blowout scores. Let's cut the lower league teams, play it as a sort of mini League 1 cup with pools and then have the quarter finals at Magic Weekend.
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    Well, if I was either a Chairman or a Chief Executive, I'd be using my network of contacts and knowledge of the game to identify a suitable replacement. Other clubs manage to do it - Dewsbury, for example. Alternatively, those in charge could just allow the slump to continue and not make any effort to change things before it's too late? Is that what you would recommend?
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    Great performance from the boys today. Massive thanks to the medical team who got most of the walking wounded back on the pitch. Without you there would be no body's to put on the field. Riggy
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    I suppose some could say that they didn't feel Diskin was the right appointment in the first place. Can you imagine the outcry if they had said that at the time?
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    Not necessarily, Gary O. If the ref's also a freemason, all will be well!
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    Billionaire American's wife: "Where are we going on holiday honey? Maldives? Bahamas? Vegas?" Billionaire American: "Lincoln in England. We can have a look at the cathedral and then catch a game at Hull FC." Billionaire American's wife: "I'll pack the suitcases!"
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    Great result (Fev fan)
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    Brilliant result for you guys, lets hope you get another real money spinner, I suppose you won't care whether it's at home or away. Cheers Roger.
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    That Was painful. Im afraid our season has gone down the drain officially. Two poor poor sides.
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    yep, same here very well done swinton, it can be done.
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    Great result well done
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    Well done Swinton, great result
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    All out of razor blades Just had a big order in from Huddersfield
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    looks good on the big screen a home however can't see a single fan in the crowd
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    Well I see the Brierley to Toronto thread is going well and posters are now being quoted from a different Toronto thread to carry on the same arguments on this thread
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    No, just start a new team in Perth with no baggage.
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    Given the nature of last two performances, a win today is, in my opinion, a bit of a pipedream. Our confidence looks absolutely shot to pieces, and the players seem to be deeply confused by whatever they're being asked to do. Let's hope that I'm off the mark with this one.
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    The TJ should have reported the incident to the ref who should have had the person removed or abandoned the game If you don't clamp down on the sort of abuse described then it will quickly become the norm and eventually escalate
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    I've read this a few times and I'm struggling to understand what point you're trying to make. The new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, led the Pride parade through London last year, the first time the mayor had done so since 2010. He received death threats when he voted in favour of gay marriage. There was a LBGT fundraiser for Khan. It's perfectly possible to be Jewish, Christian, Muslim or whatever without being a "fundamentalist" and nearly all of our politicians manage to do so.
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    Good win for Hull KR but there's no need for their away following calculator to hack into the BBC website.
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    Toronto. 1 year old team that is 20 years ahead of everyone else.

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