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  1. Numpty McDounut sat on the blue wall, Numpty McDounut had a great fall, all Campbell's money and all of his men, couldn't get Featherstone to the grand final again Who next?? Willie Poaching?? #Bluewalloftissuepaper Strange omissions yesterday And things ain't gone right since you bought a halfback you didn't need, simply to stop another team signing him, catalogue of silly signings resulting failure not even at the last hurdle, think Leigh will be gutted you've not made the final As they were really looking to rub your noses in it... Again
  2. And then every 10 minutes after that Damage limitation from the kick off Leigh trying to stop York scoring 4 York trying to stop Leigh scoring 100
  3. It's for Leigh to lose... But I just don't see it, Batley have done remarkably well this season but success comes at a price, and Batley would not want the financial burden of going to super league, the rewards are not as lucrative as they used to be, going up could cause damage that it would take years to bring stability back.. A price I don't think Kevin would take, bloke is Batley thru and thru but wouldn't put them in peril for 1 season of super league, Dezzy seems to have money to burn, and new kids on the block Keighley are trying to match him... Again a folly that will end in tears.. Again, there's not enough money in rugby league to make big profits.. Making a profit is hard enough, Can't see Campbell been over joyed next season to pitch in loadsamoney to come second again
  4. There is not a chance Batley will get promoted, their cup final will be Sunday Vs Featherstone Also I don't think for one minute Kevin could support financially a super league season. Coming 5th in the championship this season will have serious damaged Batley's financial position.. Unfortunately success comes at a price
  5. Will be interesting next season with Keighley spending mega bucks, and either Swinton or Rochdale to come up.. Either of them 2 will be relegation fodder... But who will they drag down with them, Newcastle look likely or London & Whitehaven to join them, top 5 Toulouse, Featherstone, Halifax, Barrow... York or Batley, cannot see Batley pushing like this season purely down to finance, Bradford hit with paying a loan back out of their money will hurt them, Widnes should go better. We shall see
  6. Credit where credit is due Well done cracking game Best team won, only drawback is Another trip to Leigh Which is no reward for your efforts tonight Well done
  7. As far as I was aware... he was going to Bradford on a season long loan... Be better getting loaned back to Batley
  9. Compared to Sykes Blindside Johnny is a Baby
  10. Nope Finny is a OLD player with no interest of playing again Thackeray at Sheffield would be a good and popular call for us next season
  11. A genuine question How far off administration are you guys?? I've heard your doing it tough at the moment... But what is the tipping point and in realistic terms How close to the edge are you?
  12. The word NEW old players is the clue... Not OLD old players
  13. Like to see a lot of the young players signed... With a mixture of NEW old heads
  14. Congratulations to all those who donated to The Dewsbury Faithful.. WE'VE DONE IT over the line for the 5th successive year Thank you's Go to Tina Pryor, Mick Pryor, The Candy Machine, Grumpy old Ram aka Mike Hayes, Stanley Marsh, Alf King & Mrs King, Ady Marsh, Diane Scholey, Tony "where's my ladder" Healey, John Bellfield, Chris Bellfield, Graham Fisher, Matthew Stephenson (Wakefield Ram), Ian & Karen Price, Tony Scargill, Tom Fynn, Shaun Naylor, Chris Sykes, Steven & Richard Benson, Alex Littlewood & Keeley Littlewood, Kath Calnan, John Ketton, Reverend Ram, Bloke off the Southstand, Antony Allen & Mam, Liz Coates, Andrew Wardell, Thomas Oliver Jennings, Dean Austerfield, Kelsey McGowan for clubbing together to raise the £600 needed to sponsor The Kicking Tee & the one & only Reiss Butterworth for the 2023 season, brilliant effort by all connected to The Dewsbury Faithful
  15. ##Breaking News## The Dewsbury Faithful are overwhelmed to announce we are only £80 short of completing the 2023 sponsorship of The Kicking Tee and our recent resigning of Reiss Butterworth, amazing effort by all fans who have donated over the last 2 weeks a massive THANK YOU from Neil Coolie Coulson & Graham Fisher
  16. Well he won't be doing it this week He's johnny Campbell to deal with
  17. We all know yours Mr Haley
  18. So with tonight's Donations for The Dewsbury Faithful we're just under £100 short of completing All goals for the 2023 season, massive effort by the fans, Big Antony Allen & Mam for their donations, & thank you to 2 anonymous donations.. We're going to smash thismassive thank you
  19. Won't be too late.. Your 3rd on my to do list tonight Thank you mate
  20. Hiya Tony I can call at your house and collect if that's OK Looked for you last night but couldn't see you I'm in Mirfield later tonight Cheers
  21. What can be said about our amazing fan's, last night we smashed through the £400 Kicking Tee sponsorship for 2023, and now we are only £150 short of completing all our goals of Kicking Tee & Player Sponsorship for the 2023 season, massive thanks go to the following members of The Rams Family Tony Scargill, Tom Fynn, Shaun Naylor, Chris Sykes, Steven & Richard Benson, Alex Littlewood & Keeley Littlewood, Kath, John Ketton, Reverend Ram, and the bloke on the Southstand that wants to stay anonymous, BIG THANK YOU'S from Neil Coolie Coulson & Graham Fisher
  22. Free hit tomorrow GIVE EM HELL
  23. Well he's far from that player now Will go down on the "Greenwood's Boo-boo List" Along with a few more
  24. A boyhood hero Pugwash The Legend Similar size Not as much hair And been known to ride The Black Pig Yes birthday... Fifty flipping nine ffs
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