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  1. Already have offering Paul Sykes a 5 year deal
  2. Unfortunately 3 quarters of the ever rising population of Dewsbury have no interest in Rugby league. Featherstone is quite fortunate with its population of people brought up going to post office Road and supporting featherstone Rovers, Batley, Bradford, Halifax will all lose large parts of their supporters as the die and not getting replaced, I think we have more concessions than full paying supporters which is scary to think... We shall see over the next 10 years as the decline gathers pace
  3. 200 plus Think your confusing us with the gypsies of South Yorkshire 400 plus would be far more accurate
  4. And finally our last raid on the mighty rovers Welcome to the Rams Jimmy Beckett
  5. 27??? Think someone has been tampering with his speedo Good signing for you IF.. You can stop him been a penalty machine and cut out the reckless tackles he's prone too
  6. We've big Dale & Peltier To put him on his bottom
  7. Hope with the Paulie Paulie signing your not falling into last seasons trap
  8. He played for Sheffield so the only way is up after last seasons league tables, I'd be excited if I'd played under Tubby then going to play under Ford.. Going from playing in a borrowed stadium hitching up your caravan every 2 weeks to playing at your gaff... So he's excited is he
  9. Mr Murphy Dewsbury great and always will be
  10. We could play all 3 at once and still be under last season half backs total combined
  11. You can't be surprised I said at the beginning of the season that Webster was the featherstone weak link, Campbell knows the eternal bridesmaids circle has to be broken, without a strong appointment like this Fev would be runners up to Leigh next season, then the season after runners up to whoever comes down, I applaud Campbell for having the b.Alls to make a decision that could take Fev into the promised land and keep them there, no points are ever won on sentiment.. Hard yards bring titles... He's now gotta supply the personnel to achieve the goal.. Webster can't.. Big Brian can
  12. You scoff... Flatman didn't wanna blow anymore money than he had paying ford's contract off 500k was quite enough for one season Why do you think all the big rollers are retiring Cut the wage bill.. Do the mathematics 3 of your players were more than our entire wage bill Ask to see the books
  13. Hmmm where you heard it first
  14. Well it was Featherstone Rams for long enough Big wheel keeps on turning Proud rams keep on burning Signing, signing, signing all the rovers
  15. Aim for Susan boyle And end up in bed with Kelly Brook Always feels sweeter
  16. No lower than 12th ....or else
  17. You won't don't worry you might keep Batley out of the top 5 And we'll do better than 12th
  18. Does it mean "6 again" is still going to be used next season
  19. Every club has "woe is me" supporters that's just how life is, we've got more than our fair share over the valley whether you view it as half empty or half full is in their personality, bumped into one of our fans in town and all that come out of his gob was negative, negative, negative... Even capturing at least 2 of featherstones million pound squad couldn't raise any positivity, Batley will go OK I'm sure.. Not for one minute I think you'll emulate this seasons outstanding effort, teams have strengthened Halifax, Bradford have pushed the boat out, York will no way be as pap as last season.. And there is Leigh.. And we know there power. 6th will be Batley's ceiling this season
  20. Hopefully ball boy duties are finished and I can return to my old perch with the other old crows
  21. Think everyone is unsure where the game is.. Don't be surprised if it is at Batley
  22. I'll let the lads do the talking on the field.... And we'll see all have a clean slate
  23. Everybody is entitled to an opinion no need ripping in like that whether wrong or right personally abuse is a bit much to the point he deletes his post... This is supposed to be fun and banter.. Without views from all sides the forum becomes full of tunnel vision cretins
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