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  1. Great appointment. Dealt with him in business and always professional.
  2. You claim to support the club over many years. You constantly criticised everything about the club under the previous regime ( and with some justification at times) but why moan about the new board. They will tell people what they need to know when the time is right. in the meantime get to the matches, buy maybe a golden gamble ticket or some merchandise. But try to be positive and give the new board time!
  3. So looking forward to Sunday. This international break for the Championship and league one clubs is so unnecessary and totally disruptive. I could have understood if all the nations had been playing and plenty of players involved but this was poorly thought out.
  4. In my opinion, we need the strongest team out Sunday. If that means using the Wigan lads then do be it. Promotion is a must this year
  5. There are three ranges of merchandise available now giving fans plenty of choice. For what it’s worth my grandkids love the black range The club was founded in 1876 and the heritage of the club is now being given the platform it deserves.
  6. Very impressed with this range. Need some tee shirts for my hols so will be sorting
  7. Yes it does. A strong community and strong connections to it is essential to your grading
  8. One more important one, if you are not already please join OurLeague and naming Oldham as your club
  9. Also, subscribing to both the clubs and Rugby Oldham facebook pages, following the club and yeds on twitter and subscribe and liking the videos on the clubs relaunched You Tube channel
  10. Back to the grading etc. one of the criteria is engagement with social media. This forum is one of the recognised outlets. So posting regularly on our own club forum will help. Encourage others to keep a presence too!
  11. Crowd was announced as 821. If we okay that brand of exciting rugby it will be full and more. Excellent display
  12. Great occasion as always. Reminded me of the days at sheddings when each of clubs would group together. Saw a lot of folks who we used to see at Oldham games. Hopefully will see them return
  13. Let’s hope some of them come. All the more reason to buy your ticket in advance
  14. You could try John McAndrew who is the lottery manager mcandrewj@aol.com
  15. Oldham v Rochdale is Good Fridays game at Whitebank stadium with a 7.30 kick off. Would be good to see a lot of previous stay away fans and loads of neutrals turning up to give the new owners a great turn out.
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