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  1. Not for me, I would rather have a proper European Super League, with 2 or 3 French teams ,
  2. For me no, the league was not set up to be a rebranded division 1, it was to grow the game nationally and internationally, and also grow the player pool,
  3. IMO nothing wrong with the name rugby league, however I don't like the name super league,
  4. Really looking forward to this season, with the extra spice of Toronto it is going to be very interesting,
  5. a new city, a new country, larger player pool. more media exposure, Schoey, great player but hasn't moved with the times, things change, time to get Elite 1 in as part of the pyramid system to super league, ideal for Belgrade, Valancia etc
  6. Toulouse, Newcastle,Sheffield,Coventty and a Welsh club, pure fantasy I know,
  7. For me they have been a breath of fresh air, a new city/country experiencing the game and watching in good numbers, good publicity for the game, hope it continues,
  8. couldn't agree more, as much as I would prefer Toulouse to gain SLE entry if Toronto are denied after winning the GF, I will be finished with the sport for good,
  9. quite like the idea of a French magic weekend, a 2nd French team would go a long way to making it a success,
  10. this is the team I want to see in super league more than any other, go TO,
  11. in 1967 a large chunk of North Derbyshire was taken away and placed in Sheffield, most people at that time were against it, even the local mp tried to stop it, now the children and grand children from the parents of that time don't even know that Mosbrough ,Halfway Beighton and Hackenthorpe use to be in Derbyshire, they proudly say they are from Sheffield, hard to swallow at first but in time Swintonians will accept being Mancs,
  12. honestly Eddie, I do not know the answer in how to save the clubs, but certainly getting kids in to the ground could be a factor, give local schools free tickets, have a party for them after the game, making it a family day out not just a rugby game, more kids equals more parents/money at the turn styles.
  13. With Oldham, Rochdale and Swinton all struggling is it time now for the RFL to step in and help them, as someone said in a different thread we have already lost Huyton, Blackpool and Carlisle, and to lose any more teams from west of the Pennines would be a big blow for the game, I also think it was a huge mistake blocking Manchester Rangers from entering league 1, worrying times ahead .
  14. I went to watch Sheffield Eagles v Leeds and Bradford at the old Chesterfield FC football ground Saltergate, I saw a good mix of Eagles and away fans walking side by side with no abuse or hostility around, inside the ground there was a good atmosphere and on the pitch plenty of action, after that I was sort of hooked, League is not my favourite sport, but one I have grown to like and without Sheffield playing in Derbyshire I would not have known about the game,
  15. Mr Parksider, I have never attacked you or any of your posts, some I disagree with some I do agree with, my post said I wish people would stop being negative about Toronto end of, at what point have I said anything about ticking boxes, as for the statement I have given my self away I will treat it with the contempt it deserves, we all want RL to be successful and grow, has not the name Toronto Wolfpacks given the game some great publicity.
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