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  1. https://roughyeds.co.uk/2023/03/roughyeds-land-25000-lif-grant-from-oldham-council/
  2. I said to someone earlier, are we looking to new horizons for another false dawn. Hope i am wrong but feel we may not get what we want Suspect this is likely to be more about a new pitch
  3. Overall I thought Jack Smith had a good game. It is too easy to blame the ref. As a neutral I enjoyed Salford’s expansive play in the first half, but when Warrington turned up the speed and intensity after half time Salford changed and started slowing the ruck down and the niggle crept in. it was a great game though!
  4. Just saying what was said after the game. We were in line with play but countn’t see the incident. The ref appeared to put it on report after Sheridan had left the field.
  5. Lewis has a broken and dislocated kneecap. Having op tonight. Incident on report by ref as a cannonball tackle.
  6. Hope Lewis is okay. Sounds like season ending. If it is a cannonball tackle then the player concerned should be totally ashamed. No place in RL for this.
  7. He was taken to hospital we were told at the end of the game. It did look a really bad injury. The game was held up nearly 15 minutes He had played well particularly in the first half and will be sorely missed if it turns out to be as bad as it looks. fingers crossed for the lad
  8. It was originally the Infirmary Cup with all proceeds split between Oldham & Rochdale Infirmaries in pre NHS days
  9. Oldham haven’t this this year. I agree it is a poor decision by the clubs. May well put off some older fans
  10. I would image Ridyard and Sheridan will fill the two half back positions. I would think one more prop will see the squad pretty much complete
  11. Looking to be a very strong squad so far, with say 6 or 7 more to sign we should be at least the strength of Keighley last year.
  12. It says ‘new’ signing so I am guessing someone who has played before for us
  13. Great signing. We should have the best half back pair in many a year
  14. Two signings this week, tonight and Thursday. Hopefully we will have.
  15. Whoops now edited. Think my fingers and brain were totally out of sync!
  16. Once again, while many other clubs have their squads named, we have to suffer our clubs awful drip feed method of marketing. We should now have a squad named ready for the return to training with a constant stream of good news stories as the new squad is developing
  17. Speaking of the dinner, what better way to promote it by having your new team of stars on show and meeting the fans and backers alike
  18. It is an old method that has failed to generate any extra interest in previous years. One signing announced last week. one!Really ###### info as always from the club. More interested in celebrating 25 years of what? Create some buzz around then get season tickets on sale. Christmas is coming and people will be looking for other things of they are not on sale , again!
  19. Wonder who they are announcing tonight?
  20. Ridyard is rumoured to have resigned for 2023 Dave Hewitt was talking about about moving on on his Twitter account. Can’t remember the wording but that is the gist of it. Bennion has signed for Swinton.
  21. https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/Episode-12-Chris-Hamilton-Podcast/B0B842723C
  22. I am fairly certain in his podcast CH stated he hadn’t been in talks with OAFC and he only knew what had been said in the papers, or words to that effect
  23. Mentioned on Hornets forum last most about McNally and Sheridan again
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