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  1. Just hope it's not another 5 year plan just a bit of advice to whoever is signing players...small mobile packs don't work...
  2. Awesome effort today, dreaded getting walked over but town played well. Well done to them
  3. You were photoshot David and published saying who needs away supporters, think it was on twitter.
  4. Yeah I know but the board left it late to tell anyone the funds were low.
  5. I've donated but the thing that narks is why didn't the board say earlier then the money made could have kept the team happy by not giving them a pay cut and we would still have a full team. The very slim chance of survival would still have been alive.
  6. Well done to players and staff who have donated the seasons fine kitty, over a grand it was, awesome
  7. anok4u


    They'll have to cross that bridge when it comes, now it's keeping the clubs heart beating how ever slow it garn.
  8. anok4u


    And how could they do what they had to and not upset anyone? They did what they did for the future of OUR club. Billy Bob is right in my eyes the timing was right and huge thank you to the players who are staying with us for the remainder of the season.
  9. Put your months wage -33% and see how motivated you are to work your guts out.
  10. I've never known a club that as so many 1 leap forwards and 2 leaps back than us,the die hards will still be there but the fickle won't. This season as been another missed opportunity and back to the place we defo didn't want to be.
  11. Yeah getting a pay cut gives you a lift doesn't it
  12. Here's hoping very frustrating being a town fan like but like as been said before I'll still be handing my coin out the next yam match.
  13. Some one obviously isn't doing their homework sadly. The haven Davis had a really good game against fev apparently so that could be a kick in the teeth for us in a couple of week.
  14. Can't remember us not scoring a point for 3 home matches,that's got to go down as bad, but yeah your right seasons were we had 3 amateur defeats were up there.
  15. The game as gone, the spectacle as been over ruled,amateur rugby is on its ###### and people apart from diehards only follow winning teams. We're in a vicious circle of and have been for years of being up and being down having restart over. Chris as not done a good job this year I'm sorry to say,I'm not buying and never will that we got promoted a year early. A really good coach would kept us in this league even if it was 3rd from bottom. Watching town this year as been awful, we've had a lot of bad seasons here at DP and this as been up there as one of the worst.
  16. We still won't score
  17. Maybe a cunning plan by us in case you sign someone good, saying that its got mom written all over it
  18. Watch yourself David you'll be screenshot and put on twitter before you know it
  19. One step at a time mate, I would just like to see us score a point
  20. Can he score trys? Goals? Drop goals?
  21. Wonder what they work on at training? Defo isn't working what ever it is.
  22. I've been sticking up for Alex Young because I don't think he warrants so much criticism and I've stood in the popular side and herd the stuff people shout when he's been one of our consistent players lately.
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