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  1. I would rather see Brett back playing here to be honest..
  2. Was he playing? That was caught milliseconds before the town end disappeared The recrey shuffle
  3. Yes, town could hire a ladder out and folk could use it to look over the back wall! Ffs guys it 2022 the price of everything as gone up that includes running a rugby club, £17 wouldn't get you <<oops I tried to get around the swear filter and failed>>ed these days...
  4. I can see the crowd being about 1000 with 2000 of them from haven
  5. They've been training in Gary's gym, says they have worked really hard and are very fit
  6. Be a larl bit easier if we knew who was signed on! How many players have been announced? I was told we had 27 signed on ages ago and I don't think we've announced them all unless I've missed summat
  7. Been talking to someone with connections to the club and they reassured me we are well away from going under, the team are training the house down and will be all systems go come the start of the season. This is actual fact and not jambo fiction...UTT
  8. It's class, spent £160 yesterday just haven't got round to telling the Mrs yet
  9. I reckon doran is going to get found out this year if he doesn't shed some timber!
  10. How the efff were we poor in that playoff final? Everyone knows it's a better league that naturally comes with it being the league above and until we announce our full squad how does anyone know how we'll do? One thing we have is one of the best coaches in the league and I for one have total faith in him..
  11. Heard haven had him signed but town offered him 1000s
  12. I'm garn with forber..
  13. Who's our next signing marra? Seems your in the know
  14. Heard jake Moore is a defo jam signing,never heard any other though.
  15. I was really worried last week I really thought the dons would have us, then I heard Chris's words saying if we play to his game plan we'd win and my confidence grew! Reminded me of when Peter walsh would do the same sort of interview..we are in good hands.
  16. Can't run without their heads either Keith
  17. This is gonna be a long week, I'm starting with nerves already
  18. At the start of this season if someone said we'd be playing in the playoff final I would laughed at them! Thought we were going in way to light and not enough experience but thankfully Chris Thorman is our coach not me. 80 minutes (hopefully) to go!! UP THE TOWN...
  19. That was cak! Why does if take us till the games up to change our kicking game? We looked flat,slow and uninterested. 2 week to sort it out or next year could easy be disaster..
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