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  1. As DD is trying to gag the old giffers on another thread (and who can blame him); here, to hopefully keep them engaged is a question for the oldies. Name the season from the following clues. Bramley beat us home and away. Hull beat us in the Challenge Cup, but we did the double over them in the league. We beat Bradford Northern home and away in the league and Huddersfield at home. The top try scorers on 13 apiece were both centres. Next, on 11 tries apiece were a winger and someone with a connection to the present club. More clues are available but I suspect that someone will crack it from the above.
  2. I'm impressed. I never realised that posh folk from Sale were loyal followers of Roger. Wow
  3. Winger and centre according to the Castleford website Phil and so perhaps a bit more useful cover for our "experienced" wingers.
  4. Kind words BSJ, but Linners was right to suggest that we were poor in the second half. Well intentioned positional changes, partly forced on him by injury, just didn't work out. We would no doubt have cracked eventually as fatigue took it's toll, it's just a shame that we weren't able to keep the score tight for longer. Ten out of ten for effort though. Now I'm looking forward to seeing if a very good Featherstone team can rein them in.
  5. On the subject of Rettie, I've missed seeing him in a Batley shirt. It seems likely that we have seen the last of him as a player but I hope that he visits MP from time to time; he has been great for the Bulldogs.
  6. Bradford head coach Kear credits battling Batley after loss | Bradford Telegraph and Argus (thetelegraphandargus.co.uk)
  7. I have just seen it confirmed that it is all ticket due to covid/ ground capacity concerns.
  8. Somewhat East of Liberty Village. I thought you would ask "What's a bedsit?".
  9. Of course BSJ, and I can now confirm that there were 57.39 Dewsbury fans.
  10. Yes thanks Roger, I was aware that he "might" be a Toronto fan.
  11. I never know whether you are the genuine article or an attention seeking individual sat in a bedsit in Clitheroe, or some such location. If you are the real McCoy, then I wish good luck to you and your neighbours.
  12. I haven't a clue; but well done for trying to work it out. It's an interesting post.
  13. Earlier in the season we often had Hall on the bench. If fit and willing he would have been more useful on the day I think.
  14. Well done Whitehaven, a magnificent effort in keeping the score down in the first half when we had a period of dominating play but persevered with barging over the line only to be held up. And well done Jouffret for doing what he does best, and pinching the win in a close, tight match. There are often good reasons behind the scenes that dictate who plays on the day, but having three props on the bench did not serve us well. We seemed to continually try and punch a hole down the middle instead of playing the more expansive game that we played early season. I think that Silverback summed it up perfectly; and given the other results it was a huge opportunity lost.
  15. Don't mock! With knock out football anything is possible as you and fellow Dewsbury fans know. Add in the lottery of injuries and Covid 19 and anything is possible if you can put out a strong team on the day.
  16. I think that Roger has got you there DD. Roger actually wrote "laxing quizzical" which is more like "oh, this is comfy, but how the heck did I end up with a Brazilian?"
  17. My guess is a new number 4.
  18. When you complain Phil that you would like to know more about injuries, unavailable players etc then you have my sympathy; I like to know these things. I cannot complain about the players efforts on the field of play though. At full strength and given our form I think that we would have been in with a chance of causing an upset. When you can only field seventeen players by including a player who retired some years ago then you can bet your bottom dollar that some of the seventeen are also carrying niggles that make them less effective. At least one player looked to be limping during the warm up. We clearly missed the cutting edge that Hall and Hooley have been providing and perhaps the toughness that Browny (and Tonks) provide but given the limitations of the side they worked really hard and put up a good show in my opinion
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