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  1. It's not a team as such, but there is a road in Hastings called Station Road that neither does, or has lead to any kind of Station.
  2. Arbroath F.C. is the closest ground to the sea in the world according to wiki. One road between the ground & the North Sea, it must be bitter during the storms in Winter. Dundee, and Dundee United are the closest teams that don't groundshare.
  3. We don't want a 20,000 seater stadium, 6-10,000 will do, if we get planning permission
  4. Salford City FC, are based in postcode M27, traditionally the postcode of Swinton & Pendlebury, so if anyone is going to ground share with Shelf foured in should be Swinton Lions RLFC, but Salford Council don't want us in the City, and have blocked every attempt to engage with them.
  5. OMG, is The Ritz still going? I used to frequent a club called Ritz in the 1980's. It can't be the same.
  6. Frenchmen at the front group of the stage on Bastille Day! Allez!!
  7. Apart from when Gateshead had to merge with Hull, or was it the other way round
  8. And yet you support other American sport like MLB? I think College Football is an interesting phenomenon, when college teams are/were regularly watched by more people than attend the University or College, and more than their local NFL Team.
  9. I think Salford might be buoyed by last week's win in the Rhubarb Triangle, and fancy some more.
  10. Sorry, I should have mentioned, I meant on teletext.
  11. & when the RL World Cup is abandoned, because of covid, it will fill a 10 second spot on Yorkshire news.
  12. cH 325 & 326 are showing Christmas films already for you.
  13. Nice to see the English (BBC) media thrashing every little bit of misery out of the football, new bullitens being drenched still, with football stories, Only to be surpassed when the Union guys get sent home for breaching Covid Rules in SA, and when the Olympics are abandoned because of a new outbreak. Then RLWC can be swept under a carpet somewhere on Chapletown Road. F1GBGP this weekend, it will be ignored because Hamilton will not win, BBC have not even reported the last GP, because Hamilton didn't win. I Know it's not.
  14. Was it a Dragons Flag? I saw many more Catalan in general flags
  15. That was when the winner was taking more drugs than you.
  16. Great Idea, as a resident of a seaside fishing town with two RNLI boats, & a local Coastguard Chopper, I fully support this idea. The people at sea need help occasionally, and we need to support the VOLUNTEER lifeboat personnel who crew these boats.
  17. Personally, I would do like many coaches have done in the past, rest key players, bench key forwards, unless championships, or relegation was in the mix, give fringe players an opportunity, then take a less significant hit. Unfortunately, this season is not reflective of normality, Cas are lower-mid-table, & out of the play-off spots, so this is their only chance of silverware. Saints have a bigger squad, so can afford to rest players after the final, because they are in a play-off place, and can afford to lose a game or two post-Wembley. That's how I see it.
  18. Actually, most players can't count up to 19 without taking their socks off.
  19. Before the Saints fans start wetting themselves at the prospect of a record Wembley score, I would like to remind them, this was a very deminished Tigers squad, full of Juniors, and senior players being rested, and isolated. Most Salford players can't count up to 70, so this should be expunged from the records.
  20. Publicity for when they weren't playing on a Thursday night. That's what the RFL missed, as usual, the big P word, PUBLICTY! We are in danger of hijacking this thread and having John redirect it to the General RL Sub-Forum
  21. The Anti-Union agenda on this thread must be tempered by the fact that the BBC did try to sign up to show more RL games, apart from the Superleague Show, but as the RFL turned down Premier Sports, & BBC, as well as signing a 200 year deal with Sky Sports, the fault should lie with the RFL, with no blame on the BBC. Premier sports were showing Championship RL, but the RFL sold the rights to Sky, who have never shown any kind of interest of showing Championship RL, they bought the rights just to stop another broadcaster showing RL, that has to be remembered next time someone from Sky rings you up about your subscription updates.
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