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  1. A rugby league final watched by a Championship 1 crowd? Sorry to be negative. no I'm not.
  2. I used to be a kicker for Ealing, and that was a smashing kick
  3. The date needs changing, maybe late June early July? Balances the fixtures, sort it out. It is cr)p having it the same week as a York race, and an early Soccer fixture, and a Headingly cricket test match ffs. Good crowd for WV v SE
  4. What was the attendance, and will people moan like they did last year, and then will the RFL ask for a £500,000 bail for next year like they did for Catalans, Toronto & Toulouse to guarantee a full house
  5. When I lived in London, I went to pre-Wembley games on a regular basis, glad to see they are still in Wood Green
  6. I used to go to Warrington on the 10 Selnec bus, and it cost me 10p the same as the 26 to Leigh, and the 32 to Wigan. I miss being up north sometimes
  7. The glorious Villa, win their first premiership game since February 2016, Jeez we were awful in that last 1/4
  8. Sometimes you have to hijack a thread. I have never seen Quadrophenia until tonight, I 4quin love it,.....
  9. A central EFL fund. There are many other clubs out there, struggling to pay backroom & Playing staff, even if Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Watford, Brighton Southampton, Bournemouth, can support themselves by embezzling funds from elsewhere, usually player pension funds, which is why my Mrs tells them to invest in property while they have the Cash in hand.
  10. Yeah, but they could help. I have a feeling for Bury, Swinton played at Gigg Lane when Station Rd was demolished, & My brother, who still Lives in M27 4FE is a Bury supporter, and was a season ticket holder when he was a chef in Bolton. Swinton also played some games at Burnden Park, Bolton.....Spooky. Bolton, Bury & Swinton. I just hope it doesn't rub off on...….. where are we now? LSV? Sale? Altrincham? Carrington?
  11. not unsurprising, I have just found out the last NHS Hospital I worked for (Conquest Hospital, East Sussex NHST) still uses Faxes, because the director of surgery, based in Eastbourne, doesn't trust emails, so any communication is done by fax. My previous GP surgery does not have an email address, while my current one will only accept appointment requests through email. if you are without internet access, like I have been for three weeks, you're dead. Emergency, daily, appointments are only accessible if you turn up at 8am, so if, like my neighbour you have a swollen ankle/foot & have trouble getting yourself organised you are stuffed. Actually, he is. He has been given 18 months to live because of Prostate, Liver & Lung cancer. Please get yourself checked out. Prostate or Ovary/Breast
  12. Whoops, sorry. I had to post my time sheet off to the Agency when I was working in the NHS-ish, or I could ask one of the admin staff to show me how to use a fax machine, again & again & again, the Agency had to have it by Tuesday to pay me by Friday, because of my technological defects re-fax, I was usually paid 1 week later as I was useless at office work. Sadly I am now applying for admin work.
  13. 23:59 actually. This is quite sad in fact. There is a huge amount of money in football, but it is not filtered down. Within 40 kilometres there are 4 of the richest clubs in the world, and Bury, Bolton and other clubs within 40 km are struggling to pay their groundstaff, I'm not talking players, but backroom staff, thing like food delivery, security, field maintainance, printing, bar staff, gate staff, office & media management, etc etc, they need Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool & Everton to step up to the plate & help out their "Feeder Clubs", otherwise they won't exist.
  14. City/United, they are both Manchester Monkeys, I hate the title, I hate both.
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