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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/jan/28/studio-ghibli-ranked-netflix-princess-mononoke-spirited-away The Guardian Ranks all the Ghibli films
  2. I thought the Christine Keeler thing was really interesting, and so is the current Dr Who series, although I think Captain Jack should've been left out, I am also watching Good Omens on Wednesdays on BBC2, although I missed ep2 because I had a visitor, but now I have interwebby again, I can catch up. As for Netflix v Ghibli, I have most of them.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/tennis/51280766 Whats the difference?
  4. I Have internet again, I am finally up and running, without having to go on the Library's computers.
  5. Maybe they should of read ur post first?
  6. I'm actually getting used to it, despite it being so small that when I make calls on it, my chubby fingers and cheeks are making it do other things, so I am having to alter my angle of call.
  7. Alcatel U3 for £35 oh, & £10 off my line rental.
  8. I wish I could apply my nouse to this thread, but as my phone has died a stupid death, and my phone provider will not upgrade my phone, I have had to buy a £30 phone, because an employer needs me to have a phone. Due to my negative credit rating I can't do anything else.
  9. Apparently he lived on Upper Maze Hill in St Leonard's while he wrote SHE. Very odd house, looks like it was built as a pseudo-Gatehouse for Decimus Burton.
  10. So you can say " Do the Bears ###### in the (Sher)Woods?"
  11. I remember seeing U2 at Salford University Students Union, now their equipment wouldn't fit in there.
  12. AXA PPP. Idiots if they don't want me. HRH Sussex screw them Both are joke's As are Gardner's of Patricroft
  13. I had a job interview yesterday, & the interviewers looked stunned when I said I had a positive work attitude. Is this not acceptable anymore?
  14. If I was given the job, I would play the game. Then I would be Arsey at a much later date. Just give me the opportunity.
  15. I am arsey, so what? Maybe that's what they are looking for. Maybe desk jockies. Maybes idiots who don't have an opinion.
  16. Yes I want the job, that's why I have applied with the same company 3 times
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