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  1. I don't care who is reading this, never have done, Tomorrow I will be introducing my 12 y-o daughter to a 15 film. Assault on Precinct 13, original version, you really should watch this in a heat wave, to get the feel, not like British Colombia, Vancouver style though.
  2. A world cup, compared to a regional trophy, and a usually annual tournament? (Uefa) & Wombledon
  3. No, the only Aliens that arrive in Hastings are on boats from France, and that's by accident. Non-terrestrial Aliens would do some research first.
  4. Just out of curiosity, will the BBC show as much screen time, and juggle programme times around as they have done for Euro2020, & Wombldon, for the Rugby League World Cup? Or will matches be suddenly switched to iPlayer, or BBC4 to accommodate Eastenders?
  5. No, it was witnessed, by, surprisingly for around here, a sober couple, and 2 blokes playing bowls.
  6. I don't think they will make this year's World Cup Final though, the important one.
  7. I don't know where to put this, but.. I was coming back from the shop, approximately 11.15 am this morning, when I noticed something above me, I looked over, and about 1/4 mile of the seafront & about the same above, was a Good-Year Blimp, heading East, wind behind it. It looked so elegant, so smooth, I just stood there & watched it for about 20 mins, dissappear. I did not have my phone or camera on me, which annoyed me.
  8. I remember being in Paris for the 100th anniversary TdF, close to the finish on the Chanse Ellisee (or however you spell it), I then went for a wander round the back streets, and found the team buses, and I got talking to one of the guys working down, and we nattered for about 10 mins about cycling, life, work etc., & he then invited me onto the bus to meet the team. Amazing experience, but I never found out the guys name, I know he was Belgian, and won a stage that year (2004), but I had an hour with the team. Second best sporting experience in my life. Just behind turning up at the Holiday Inn in Hull, to find I was sharing the Hotel with the GBRL team.
  9. Unless Everton are in the top 4 by Christmas, I feel the Toffees fans will be calling for his P45 to be handed over, then he will have to permanently leave town.
  10. Qualifying Group Positions: Ukraine, 1st England 1st Czech 2nd Spain 1st Italy 1st Switzerland 1st Belgium 1st Denmark 2nd Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/european-championship-qualifying/table
  11. Pretty rubbish/ very average ITT today, YAWN! Scared of crashing?
  12. 1530, BST, ITT course seems to be drying out again, after a brief rain shower.
  13. Speaking of cycling, my bike has been parked up outside my flat since I moved in because I cant be bothered hoiking it up 4 flights of narrow stairs, woke up this morning to find the back wheel missing, damn.
  14. I would also like to complain about ITV4's coverage of the Tour, 10 minutes of Cycling with a dribble of commentary from people who don't seem to be watching the race, followed by 5 mins+ of adverts, and their £20k competition.
  15. True, true. But after winning so many stages you'd think that he could control his use of the f-word on live TV? Bloody Manxmen
  16. How many Ukraine players play in the Premiership, Serie A, La Liga, or La Ligue? 5 or 6, snuff them out & we might, MIGHT, have a chance.
  17. Thanks, and I lived in London for 20 years, but rarely went further than West or Central London
  18. Positive news today on this thread. I am settling in to my new place, landlord has helped me fit a roller blind in my bedroom, because I am overlooked, not bothered about living room as it overlooks the English Channel from the 2nd floor, Butchers, Greengrocers, Offie, TK Maxx all within walking distance, Morrisons, Asda & Job Centre are 2x Buses, Sunday buses are one per hour. So Grocery shopping on a Saturday. Butchers are quite good. I dumped my chip pan before move as it was 30+ years old, and thick with grease on the outside, and found a charity shop that was selling a deep fryer, almost brand new, still in wrapping for £10. I negotiated £15. Cancer charity shop.... Landlord is a loony. Thinks he can walk into the flat whenever because he owns it, he tries it once more I will report him. Residents have rights.
  19. Southgate 18.45 tonight Edit, Gareth Southgate, not Southgate, South London.
  20. I am very sorry, but when Mark Cavendish is interviewed can we have a 10 second delay to bleep out his stupid obscenities that no-one else deems utterable, and when he is speaking English, can we have subtitles, as it is worse than some of the Colombians
  21. All the best to Dom, I hope he has some further future in the game.
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