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  1. Shocker that Kheirallah and (perhaps) Ford seemingly won't appear in Super League, despite being good enough over the last 5+ years. Must enjoy being the big fish in a small pond
  2. Out of contract. Can't see him being offered a new one.
  3. Don't think Walker put a foot wrong until the Toulouse game, usually doesn't drop a thing. Interesting debate as to where Hall will play if Walker signs, I think fullback makes the best of his attacking attributes, wasted on the wing and too often out of position to play centre.
  4. This will always be a problem. People say referees should make them get up. It only takes one genuine injury made worse by an insistent referee for there to be a whole world of damage.
  5. Halves are worrying if Chisholm is leaving and Brown not signing a new contract. Jamie Ellis and Dec Patton already signed for clubs in the championship. Would Sweeting get the shirt?
  6. We need to go back in time, find Jonny Hepworth, bring him to Sunday and have him do the same job on Ford as he did against Rangi Chase in the Castleford victory. I'm sure that's possible?
  7. I think it's evolved (or evolving) out of the game. Hookers are now built like half backs rather than forwards and are more than capable of doing 80, and probably have to do more often with the reduction in number of changes. For what it's worth I still think it's a specialist position and if the choice is between Parata and Holmes on the bench I think I'd go with Parata.
  8. Also if I recall rightly if Hall's missed kick would have counted and he'd have kicked 1 of the other 5 he missed he'd have had the single points in a game record with 42, I think 40 is the record?
  9. Getting Bussey back for the playoffs would be a massive boost. I've got conflicting thoughts about him playing in what should be a glorified training run. On the one hand it's a bridge between training and a full intensity game, but on the other hand how much does it build him up for the playoff games.
  10. To Newcastle to go full time rumour has it.
  11. Must have been watching a different game to me, thought Chisholm was disinterested, especially in defense. 1. Jones 2. Gale 3. Springer
  12. Showed some wheels did the lad. Thought Frankie Halton showed a big turn of pace for a second rower to be the closest to catching him!
  13. Very disappointing news on the Harrison front, a sad way for his time with us to end.
  14. There's no way a 14 team Super League can survive without a percentage of players being part time. The talent pool just isn't there.
  15. A win's a win but I thought for long periods of time we were woeful. Our last tackle plays were rubbish for the most part. Our back line offered little with Blackmore and Welham looking well off the pace. Thought Springer added a lot of impetus coming down the slope in the second half by just driving hard and straight.
  16. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/ab-sundecks-1895-cup-final-statement-nqolk Not good...
  17. I can't see how any team being promoted from the championship could avoid going straight back down. It's not like football where you can park the bus and nick a few 1-0s to stay up.
  18. Chisholm Hall Hardcastle Minns Gale Brown Holmes Kopczak Jones Bussey Day Halton Lockwood Parata Field Davies Moors Will do for me!
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