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  1. Despite Sunday's result against Batley, the majority of championship clubs would love to be in the position that Featherstone are in, i.e. decent fan base, owning their own facilities which are used by the community, as offices, for football etc. Instead of wondering why their club can't / hasn't done this, it makes it easier to predict Featherstone's doom.
  2. The last 20 minutes of the game was how to beat Batley. Spread the ball, run angles, drag people out of position. For some reason our former super coach decided that an arm wrestle was the best way to beat them.
  3. Agree on 1 to 4, Kopczak has been good in patches but was poor yesterday. Time to say thanks to Lockwood but move on. Hall would have been a Super League stalwart if he could defend, can still play at this level.
  4. The best we could hope for after yesterday. He won't be missed.
  5. Interesting comment that "he accepts it back". The bloke has shown no contrition or willingness to discuss anything with the fans. I think yesterday was the first time I've seen him on the field post game, not surprisingly he chose to stand in the centre of the field, away from any of the fans. Also he reportedly didn't entertain a post match drink in the clubhouse. He's shown an unwillingness to adapt or change from his "master plan" or "process", which after a season of matches, I'm still none the wiser what that actually was. I hope he's shown the door pronto.
  6. I agree that second place was our limit (in the league) although I think most fans expected that we'd make the grand final. My issue is not with the result, it's how we got there. We've played some of the dullest, most boring rugby I've seen in my 30 years of going. Five drives and a (usually poor) kick. McDermott has experience of coaching physically equal (Leeds) or physically superior (Toronto) sides. When we haven't been able to outstrength teams, like yesterday, we've had no plan B and come unstuck. I'd be shocked if how we played in the last 20 minutes was anything to do with McDermott and wasn't just the players thinking "what do we have to lose"
  7. Becoming more and more apparent. Gets praise for winning the grand final from nowhere (5th or 6th whatever it was), a bloke that could coach with that side would have won the grand final from first place.
  8. Too conservative is 100% on the money. If we played the rugby we did in the last 20 we'd have won comfortably for my money. Although Batley tiring may have had just as much to do with it as us upping the ante.
  9. Congratulations to Batley on being the better team. Best of luck next week. Our discipline and defense in the first half was awful and that's what cost us. Looked to me like the lads sacked off the McDermott master plan for the last 20 and then we actually looked dangerous. The whole balance of the game changed when Jacks started taking the line on. McDermott has ultimately been a disappointment and as he's apparently said he's failed. His brand of rugby might work in Super League but hasn't done for us. It's been dull and uninspiring. He has to be shown the door. I think it hurts less as, being realistic, we had zero chance of winning next week. The plan has to be get some younger forwards in for next year and go again with a coach that understands the championship. Good luck Batley
  10. Rovers' latest tweet makes me think Brad Day is on his way back.
  11. A great start, would love to see Jacks and Bussey announced as the next two.
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