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  1. How was Kopczak's (I think) effort that led to the penalty to make it 12-12 not a try? It looked as clear as day to me. Granted I was watching on my phone.
  2. Will be our first real test. If we spill as much ball as we have done over the course of the season so far we'll get punished. If we turn our 20 minute bursts into a sustained performance we should come out on top.
  3. I think it's a tad unfair to highlight Chisholm's defensive effort, keeping in mind it was against Hull, a much stronger and more physical side than us. It is a nice problem to have 3 quality half backs. It's probably worth him being in the side somewhere to sort out our shambolic goal kicking.
  4. Bang on Chris. Reliant on individual talent and little else so far this season. Hopefully it improves as the season goes on, as on paper we have the most talented side we've had in the super league period.
  5. We've been making masses of errors all season so far. Unfortunately Hull have punished us for every one whereas in previous weeks we've got away with it.
  6. To be fair our performance isn't much worse than we've been all year with ill discipline, unforced errors and poor last tackle options. We're just playing a team that will punish and continue to punish us for it.
  7. Worked well with Hepworth at 13 because as I remember he was very strong in defence, I'm not sure Brown at 13 would have the same physical presence with the standout memory being the try we conceded to a winger walking through him like he wasn't there. I do like the idea for a fast track against a team we should be able to physically dominate, I'm not sure about it against Hull.
  8. 2 points but poor for long periods again. Too many simple handling errors, poor discipline. Lockwood looks a spent force for me.
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