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  1. Getting Bussey back for the playoffs would be a massive boost. I've got conflicting thoughts about him playing in what should be a glorified training run. On the one hand it's a bridge between training and a full intensity game, but on the other hand how much does it build him up for the playoff games.
  2. To Newcastle to go full time rumour has it.
  3. Must have been watching a different game to me, thought Chisholm was disinterested, especially in defense. 1. Jones 2. Gale 3. Springer
  4. Showed some wheels did the lad. Thought Frankie Halton showed a big turn of pace for a second rower to be the closest to catching him!
  5. Very disappointing news on the Harrison front, a sad way for his time with us to end.
  6. There's no way a 14 team Super League can survive without a percentage of players being part time. The talent pool just isn't there.
  7. A win's a win but I thought for long periods of time we were woeful. Our last tackle plays were rubbish for the most part. Our back line offered little with Blackmore and Welham looking well off the pace. Thought Springer added a lot of impetus coming down the slope in the second half by just driving hard and straight.
  8. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/ab-sundecks-1895-cup-final-statement-nqolk Not good...
  9. I can't see how any team being promoted from the championship could avoid going straight back down. It's not like football where you can park the bus and nick a few 1-0s to stay up.
  10. Chisholm Hall Hardcastle Minns Gale Brown Holmes Kopczak Jones Bussey Day Halton Lockwood Parata Field Davies Moors Will do for me!
  11. Couldn't have done anything other than they have, given the pathetic defence and the lack of remorse.
  12. I think this is a shrewd signing for Warrington. Harrison has consistently been our best player and has won us games on his own. Disappointed to be losing him but he definitely deserves the chance to make the step up.
  13. 1st May is the date it's allowed from for players with expiring contracts.
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