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  1. A great move, if we were playing. I can't figure it out though, have we increased our wage bill with nothing moving regarding playing this season?
  2. As admirably that Bussey is filling in at hooker we're crying out for a specialist in there, not only to speed it up but to get Jack back at prop, he's our most explosive forward and has a good set of hands too. Hopefully Parata comes back soon but I still hope we're on the lookout for another option to compliment him.
  3. I think rephrasing it to "modern society's blame culture has made people with responsibility much more risk adverse" would be more accurate. So the game goes ahead, due to potentially damaging winds some of the stadium breaks off and injures / kills someone. A claim is made against Featherstone Rovers who decided the game was safe to go ahead. Featherstone lose the claim and are forced to pay out a ridiculous amount of money. Why take the risk?
  4. Come on Robin, you know this is no place for sensible thought! Can't believe they've cancelled the game, snowflakes! Am I doing it right?
  5. Would the bad conditions really be that bad for us? Given the quality I believe we have in our pack and the flair of Chisholm unavailable, would stripping the game back and attempting to batter them up the middle actually favour us?
  6. A collection due to some idiots getting the club fined for thinking they're being big and funny? I don't think so.
  7. At the end of the day he's hands down better than what we had at the start of the year. Yes he may go anonymous in games, all championship players have their flaws or they wouldn't be championship players. Good signing and a good half back pairing for the remainder of the season. Might be a pipe dream but a Holmes permanent signing would be lovely!
  8. A better option than what we have with Boas, Reynolds back at Wakefield and Holmes still not fit
  9. Out of interest, I've thought about this before and discussed it on here. Is there a difference between being a second rower and a centre in the modern game? Does Harrison for example moving between second row and centre make any difference to how the team performs? I understand that partnerships build between centres and wingers for example but how much of an effect does that have? I think the terms the Sky Sports teams use for the modern day positions are pivots (1, 6, 7, 9) middles (3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13) and edges (2, 5). I'd say these are probably the 3 remaining specialisations in rugby league. A bit of a change from the starting topic but I'm just musing as to whether people changing position actually makes a difference.
  10. This has taken an unexpected turn. My point was that it is worrying for us when we've stuck a fat lad in at stand off and he's produced a performance that has exceeded anything our overseas import has produced all season.
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