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  1. Not heard or seen anything, but agreed on importance.
  2. Went to Bradford City back in June. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/sport/19361059.royston-named-bradford-city-head-performance-medicine/
  3. Coaching appointments could also be key as to how teams go. Obviously we've a new man in charge and are presumably still looking for a no 2. Leigh yet to announce, and both York and Fax have announced new assistants. The impact of all of these changes could be critucal: look at our recent past to see how different things can be based on whoever is in charge.
  4. Plus McConnell. Feels like that's it for re-signings. Not sure we'll see Blackmore back with us next year, but time will tell on that.
  5. We all want to batter leigh.
  6. Doesn't look like a new signing tonight.
  7. I've found in the past if you want to sell something to clear space there are loads of options. Facebook marketplace, various buy and sell groups or ebay being the obvious ones. Giving to local charity shops is another easy option. The problem comes if you just want to give stuff away, that charity shops are unlikely to sell but is still perfectly serviceable. Things like unfashionable pieces of furniture, old bikes, random electrical, etc. As soon as you advertise stuff as being free, people often seem to view that as the opportunity to mess you about by not turning up to collect it as arranged, asking for you to deliver, etc. After clearing my late Dad's house earlier in the year I ended up doing delivery drop offs at various points between Pontefract and Hebden Bridge (and detours on the way) because people wanted things but didn't want to collect them. When trying to get shut of a pile of about 30 A4 ring binders, I actually had someone pleading with me to do an 80 mile round trip to deliver just one of them, just because it had Minnie Mouse on the front and she wasn't prepared to collect or pay postage for it! I hate throwing usable things away, but sometimes it's either that or become a hoarder, because it's more hassle than it's worth trying to give things for free.
  8. Two years ago, who knew what was about to hit the world. Could they, and Toronto worked in different circumstances? Sadly, we'll never know.
  9. Listening to Look North now. Just announced that Jamaica are playing v England at Featherstone on Sunday. A really good and positive piece, but a glaring inaccuracy.
  10. Bradford said the same about Jordan Lilley. It's marketing speak, bigging up the signings helps ticket sales.
  11. Tell that to Jon Sharp.
  12. Rumour he wants to go PT so he can study
  13. Define how many is "many". Whilst a few fans are stressing now, I doubt that come the start of the season we'll have anything other than a strong squad to get behind.
  14. Outside back made me think centre or wing tbh. No idea what he'd be like in either of those positions though.
  15. First new signing announced. Interesting that it's not specifically referred to him being a full back. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/featherstone-rovers-add-brandon-pickersgill-to-the-blue-wall-for-2022-5cy6O
  16. https://twitter.com/FevRoversRLFC/status/1445653520275939328?t=xRDZXXeegQ4oT3jnFLVCMA&s=19
  17. The best teams should have a place in SL. May the best team win next week, and good luck in 2022 to whoever gets promoted.
  18. We've not been the top team every year over the last decade by any stretch of the imagination. I'd have thought if you looked at our points over that period compared to other teams we'd be there or thereabouts however, and certainly the most consistent of the teams that aren't full time.
  19. What was it for? I was 10 yards away, and like those around me and half the players, no one seemed to know.
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