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  1. LOL Lee - sorry mate I am obviously behind the times :- http://www.sportinglife.com/rugbyleague/ne..._Wakefield.html Is the War Over? Whats in the John Kear situation then?
  2. May well be just a rumour but word today was that the Wildcats are for sale. Can anyone embellish at all or is just pie in the sky? It was strange though at the end when John Kear marched over to thank the fans - Is he staying or was it a `Cheerio`? I hope the former as a top man imo. In this side to side thriller it was 0-0 at Half Time. Talk about end of season.
  3. Well Ackford was a Policeman but now plies his trade as a vehement anti RL scribe for the Daily Telegraph. Mendez is probably a Tango Dancer in Buenos Aires.
  4. Widnes have to be included next time - no question about that - they have followed the Blueprint perfectly. One other plus is that geographically its correct that Widnes are included as there is an imbalance between clubs in Lancs & Yorks. Last time I saw the odds (Hills) it was Cas & Wakey both even money to go & 8/1 bar so it looks a toss up there.
  5. Think its referee discretion. In pre SL it was a penalty AND the player had to fetch the ball. Bring it back I say.
  6. Another Aussie for the Rovers. They should play their home games in Canberra or similar. No wonder they are so much in debt. Daftest signing of the season.
  7. Not really - Think hes spent wisely and needs momentum for Barton. Looking quite solid at the moment with youth & experience aplenty. Problem for me is the coach and his boring tactics which have to change.
  8. Not quite OF. 10 injured sure but Academy lad made debut at spare Hooker but Tyrer played half the Academy match today and then played the full 80 minutes. Playing squad stretched to say the least but next years signings look very exciting.
  9. I think its fair to say that we have spent considerably less than out limit over the past 2 years. In return we have had a generally poor team BUT containing many useful young lads for the future in Sidlow, Ratchford, Gibson, Boyle, Broughton, Jewitt, Adamson etc. Now Alker has retired (probably the biggest contract in force) plus Sibbitt, Fitzy, Littler, Lulu & Swain will be moving on. So if the Directors wished - which it seems they did - there was a considerable pot available. I think they may be looking for another one or two yet.
  10. Well basically we are strengthening the side which beat Widnes 36-0 in January. The rest is Chemical Conjecture. Just how many are there in the Widnes Mafia on here - at least 8 -amazing performers.
  11. Get real Pottsy - we are beyond 5 drives and a kick nowadays. Maybe a younger man with new ideas from Down Under would be the way forward.
  12. Awful news - Condolences to all the family at this time.
  13. Without doubt the club should be stationed in Tahiti and I would be delighted to be a season ticket holder. Guadaloupe maybe next best.
  14. Excellent post but far too radical for the RFL. I'm not sure but I think it might be tricky for the clubs not in SL to break away without penalties. Really have felt for some time that there is a market elsewhere which is not exploited (Eurosport instead of Tractor Racing), Bravo (as well as Darts), the new Channel showing NRL etc - suggest you speak to Marketing at RFL - come on get cracking.
  15. Many scoffing at Salfords inability to produce - well here are this weeks results which shows the steady improvement under Allan Hunte :- VALVOLINE CUP SALFORD CITY REDS 36-16 WAKEFIELD TRINITY WILDCATS H.T. 12-8 SALFORD: T: Owen 2, Johal, Palfrey, Sneyd, Stephenson G: Sneyd 6 WAKEFIELD TRINITY WILDCATS: T: Gledhill, Scott, Annekin, Pettman G: Wildie SALFORD : Dean McGilvrey; Adam Clay, Brad Hargreaves, Imad Nasir, Yaad Johal, Lewis Palfrey, Marc Sneyd; Phil Leuluai, Gareth Owen, Paul Steele, Toby Adamson, Ben Wood, Jack Spencer. Subs. Tom Whitehead, David Stephenson, Matthew Haggerty, Adam Walne. WAKEFILD : Kieran Hyde; Gareth Potts, Danny Lowton, Matt Fox, Lee Brickwood, Ryan Gaunt, Matt Wildie; Russ Spiers, James Davey, Ben Gledhill, Sam Scott, Tom Harrington, Chris Annekin. Subs. Luke Pettman, Kyle Bibb, Kyle Trout, Tom Henderson. VALVOLINE ACADEMY SALFORD CITY REDS 32-14 CRUSADERS RL H.T. 16-8 SALFORD T: Davidson 2, Morris, Stott, Files, O
  16. I asked a simple question and you have - like a poilitician given an irrelevant reply. Kindly answer the question.
  17. OK I will accept the wager at a 50% increase on this years attendances for
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