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  1. Barrow by 2 batley by 6 bulls by 8 leigh by 20 Widnes by 6 thunder by 8 fev by 10
  2. Just like player & coaches and staff Probably as a referee they’ll be under the spotlight a lot more but Remember players don’t turn up at 3pm and go at 5… I know players who will try and recover from yesterday’s games at 6-7pm tonight until 8-9pm just be sure they are ready for next weekends opening clashes before training Tuesday Thursday Friday or Saturday mornings…
  3. Batley and dewsbury have played once before at headingley…
  4. I thought we looked okay until a 50/50 on Hooley which cost us 18 points before HT… Second half we just defended more than we will all year
  5. I’ll be there for my first time in 2022… I think it will be a test for our squad with numbers down with a few niggles but it’s all about getting the systems and structural issues in place before the big start next Sunday Vs Halifax which could be a cracker
  6. Really? I think they’d learn more part time than Full time etc maybe even train at both clubs
  7. It wasn’t relaid at dewsbury ( if the new ground) it was bad due to been built on the old pit and they relaid it after the first season at new crown flatt
  8. Fielden was a better player but McDermott up to his broken leg in 97 he was Unlucky not to be called up to the 96 tour from a poor rhinos side and he didn’t seem the same the player until late 99/00 which left behind the Bradford pack and a few props at other sides including Leeds fielden didn’t seem comfortable at Wigan… but the rivalry was just as good between them which you don’t see now which is a shame
  9. Nope I’d rather us go back to old blue and yellow fox’s classic kit than this
  10. Not really bothered about anyone else until we face them… I’m sure lingard the same it’s all about ourselves and how we play the game
  11. Really I think Batley could be alright 19/20 players from last year have stayed… added a few into the squad plus if we ain’t hit badly with injuries and our home form is better we won’t be far off… I think Bradford could struggle JK’s game plan has to change from 5 drives and kick its 2021 not 2013… Widnes York have to improve… Dewsbury could struggle if they don’t hit the ground running
  12. A little stat for you.. the last 3 times the Boxing Day game has been called off all have been at mount pleasant 2001 when Dewsbury turned up and refused to play and fans were already in the ground ( played in may 2002) 2010 Snow/frozen pitch played on the 2nd of January 2021 Covid most likely we won’t meet now until Easter and august in the league fixtures
  13. Batley haven’t lost in the Boxing Day clash since 2011 batley by 8 and retain the Roy Powell trophy for another year
  14. They’ll be 20/21 players used by both teams
  15. I don’t understand the hype of Gary wheeler good player but always injured
  16. Think we’ll be fine with it not been all ticket Dewsbury won’t bring many…
  17. I’m sure your kit man is happy about an all white shirt to play in on Boxing Day… it will be ruined by the 27th
  18. It’s out 8.30 set your alarms!!!
  19. Who says SL2 will go ahead? The clubs have to talk about again next year when the tv deal comes to an end if it doesn’t then a lot of clubs could be struggling
  20. Centre? I think we have Buchanan Walshaw Whiteley Morton have all played there in their careers our forwards will be fine if we keep fit and free I'm sure the club won’t wanna spend all the money straight away
  21. 7th after last year we had covid and still played James brown wasn’t 100% every week, just need to make the mount a tougher place to come and we’ll be fine
  22. The sponsors night is always January between pre season games I’d expect that to take place either 14/21st of January the kit and squad numbers evening is usually before Xmas I’m sure you’ll be the first to hear on here or social media when both are announced
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