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  1. Who says SL2 will go ahead? The clubs have to talk about again next year when the tv deal comes to an end if it doesn’t then a lot of clubs could be struggling
  2. Centre? I think we have Buchanan Walshaw Whiteley Morton have all played there in their careers our forwards will be fine if we keep fit and free I'm sure the club won’t wanna spend all the money straight away
  3. 7th after last year we had covid and still played James brown wasn’t 100% every week, just need to make the mount a tougher place to come and we’ll be fine
  4. The sponsors night is always January between pre season games I’d expect that to take place either 14/21st of January the kit and squad numbers evening is usually before Xmas I’m sure you’ll be the first to hear on here or social media when both are announced
  5. The top try scorer was Andrew Williams mark speight Halifax Hunslet Huddersfield
  6. Wow dick Turpin wore a mask… £15 pre isn’t bad but £20 on the day will put a few off going yes I know shared gate.. but don’t out price us for a pre season match
  7. Having seen a old programme on twitter this morning I’ve another season to think about from 1990/91 season Top try scorer with 11 tries? We did the double over Bramley, Whitehaven, Nottingham city we won 12-6 New Year’s Day vs the enemy Dewsbury Simon Wilson & a certain prop had the most appearances Failed to score in 3 games that season vs who?
  8. Batley didn’t speak to him… rumours has it Dewsbury and york
  9. Sammut is offering himself to clubs priced himself out of 2 Yorkshire clubs in the last month
  10. Dewsbury have for me signed players from Doncaster (who couldn’t win promotion) I’ve said to certain mates of mine you sign from them you could end up like them if they don’t click and pressure is on greenwood Batley didn’t over achieve last year I said all year we’d be up there… I expect us to be around there again with our squad… lingard has been backed again and is always willing to learn like Grix at fax, who’s done brilliant business in the market but can Keyes carry his halves who can buckle under the pressure of playing the higher standard… We shall see 2022 is a season not to be missed
  11. The 13 position died years ago with the hooker one… scrums been non contested made sure of that… be happy it happened
  12. You’ve named 3 out of out 13’s the rest were shirt fillers from either Halves or props…
  13. Manning will not be long but Flynn maybe April or may which is a shame but it offers other people a chance… such as the lad from cas or senior
  14. The game won’t attract better athletes when we can’t compete with union or football at grassroots
  15. The centres were Phil Holmes senior & Keith Toohey
  16. aye I was at the mount when st Anne’s turned us over in front of 600
  17. Must be joining you… on your hours
  18. I think we’ll be fine 2011 we finished 3rd a few of the squad went to Fax with our coach 2012/13 we built well under JK before Black was 90% sat in the stand in 2014… 2017 and the other two year we failed to build on 2016 after it was the clubs best seasons after 2002 in league rugby
  19. Having spoken to a few people who have watched the young lad progress they have said he’s a young talent expected to be decent enough scores tries for fun… don’t forget it’s about having depth in the position 3/4 year ago I’d of laughed if you’d of said Scott wouldn’t be our first choice FB…
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