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  1. Class signing he impressed me in August…
  2. It’s his mum who’s a Batley fan… his grandad was a massive one too! I can’t see her visiting on match days
  3. I think the war chest should go back to the original “backing Batley”campaign which was in place for a few seasons same structure but the name should stand out… but the draw should be in place for off season
  4. Be like the 2014 away shirt I guess
  5. Before the ground was developed it was 12 foot drop
  6. Even the RFL statement says that
  7. Maybe because they broke the 11am protocol waste of time playing the bash - it’s not even on tv only 2 games picked
  8. It’s a remake of the 1991-95 matchwinner shirt for me
  9. Not any more we’ve stopped making them… all about the M&S cookies now
  10. Get in… first I’ve heard about a rise
  11. Why? What’s changed
  12. It was on put on here in April/early may he played for Bradford reserves he left the club
  13. It was on here months ago… I’m sure Batley Bob put it on…
  14. Ineson left to Bradford… it’s common knowledge
  15. City could be decent, ground nothing around it
  16. England woman’s are coached by former Batley prop Craig Richards won’t be many who remember him on here
  17. Elliot Kear - new signing from Bradford
  18. Who said about a loan… he’s gone to dewsbury to play first team rugby would he play week in week out at Batley? He’s got Hirst Brown, Ward Flynn Manning Riley in front of him for 2023 and whoever signs again…. 2024 he might see his future back at Batley when 2/3 forwards retire or move on and he wants to work with lingard again I think that’s the club are hoping for…
  19. They want promotion but who doesn’t
  20. Ronan Dixon If the rumours are correct… he’s younger than Kirmond who’s the other sharlston lad
  21. Jonny Campbell in 2023 will need 25 tries to become the leading try scorer at the club Alistair Leak needs 5 for 200 games for the club Adam Gledhill needs 11 for 200 games for the club ben white needs 40 consecutive games to beat Richard Prices record but could over take Barry Eaton in 2nd place Campbell and Luke Hooley also broke into the summer records top try scorer list of 10 with Tom Gilmore became the third all time summer top goal scorer with 128 and fourth in the points scoring list since the 1996 season
  22. We’ve only just finished our season… I’m sure kev and the staff are having a well deserved rest… but will announce it when it’s time why the rush? We didn’t announce Gilmore until November last time we signed same with Lunt it’s getting boring on here with folk bagging the current board every minute of the day… why do we have a long season ahead? Keighley have to jel in pre season with 8 new signings meanwhile if we sign 5 new players we won’t have to jel as much
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