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  1. Fev lad is Morgan dad played for York John Smith grandad for fev Peter Smith
  2. 1 year deal so who knows where woods will end up
  3. Knowing what certain players want in the current climate and knowing they haven’t played since March could be considered as silly plus they’ll be a year older... if Leigh fev York and others wanna spend above their means let them... i doubt Kevin will spend above their means
  4. Do you believe anything that comes out of a rams fans mouth if a certain mr F told me it was snowing I’d check also... Let’s back Kev linners to pull the players to our club who want to play here and not just care about £££
  5. Having seen him play maybe a stint in championship one was needed he’s not a world beater I don’t expect that I expect a grafter with 100% attitude and respect for the fans and club a certain second rower we got from you lot lacked that.. maybe with better coaching he’d of got that! I’d of liked to see JK get his hands on him... he turned around keegan a few times in his career... in life seems you always take one step back before going forward that’s what josh will of done lingard knows him... it’s a shame fev got joe summers now he’s a player who will play super league in the future
  6. Tonks you haven’t seen him play yet
  7. I understand players dropping down to help clubs bring the fans in if they are big names coming to play with one last pay day but when they just come and don’t play it’s a killer for clubs in the championship as they will not just be on a pay as you play unlike a 19/20 year old unproven player in the game batley is surely a hot spot for a youngest who needs to find his way in the game following players who have gone on to have a better careers in SL via Dual Reg, Loan and permanent deals josh griffin said if it wasn’t for batley and John Kear he’d of stopped playing rugby league
  8. For me players of a top level aren’t coming cheap.. you look at Ellis at hull Kr he’s just joined Leigh on another full time deal I bet at 15% cut at best.. a lot of academy players will become available if clubs don’t want them after the reserves isn’t about in 2021 but are they experienced enough to play championship level.... I think we may uncover a few players if lingard and the club go down that road, the level of retainment is good atm
  9. The grandad will be pleased with this one he’s been asking for a few days if he been announced yet
  10. Will offer 100% never takes a backwards step will bring determination toughness and aggression in the second row.. He’s former Director of rugby has said the same on Facebook
  11. Uncle Matt is getting the band back together at Rochdale...
  12. Just shows the 91/92 season was closer than it should of been batley’s Two draws against keighley and Dewsbury cost them a top 3 finish under David ward
  13. Hope Harrison takes his chance as he could be a top quality SL player shame Brad day isn’t a few inch taller he’d be a cracking player at that level... it’s actually nice to see SL looking at championship clubs again didn’t Jamie Rooney once go to the dark side on loan after the 2001 season along with Barry Eaton and Chris Charles
  14. Pick over who? The players we have kept are established championship players no offence to Shaun who probably on his day is decent but hasn’t settled at a club since his ban earlier in his career
  15. You seem bitter against everyone who leaves Fax... Ben Kaye is a top player on his day maybe having a year out and having a rest and doing abit of bodybuilding will of helped him and revived his career and drive in the game
  16. Leigh have pulled out of the competition i can’t see it happening so just share the cash equal
  17. Longest serving player into a 8th season with the dogs
  18. Surely it will be announced after the meeting this week between the clubs?
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