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  1. 100% and I know we can agree to disagree on our points - but the intention of having a better game is most certainly there.
  2. From whichever angle you look at this, there will be a cut off point (whether you increase or perhaps decrease) the number of teams. I don't think you would really get past Saints, Wigan, Leeds, Hull or Warrington from winning anything any time soon anyway. I think the more teams in the top league, the less risk of the YoYo effect and also, teams can "plan for longer" and would be more than happy to take the money. It was around a year ago, but I mentioned on here that this moment in the game is just as significant as the start of Super League. The return of fans, could be the breath of fresh air this game needs. In my opinions, it's stagnant, robotic and it needs some life back in it. Toronto was that brief ray of light shining. If teams wanted a bit more security on being in SL until we got to a specific number of teams - then we could easily suggestion no relegation until 2025 and promote one club at a time, giving them plenty of opportunity to meet a minimum standard.
  3. If Rugby League want a more successful Super League and clubs don't want to look over their shoulder constantly - the answer is to simply increase the number of teams in the top division. At the moment, the league is far too skinny in terms of numbers, and we have this daft loop system - that fans hate. We should be looking at expanding the league to 16 - 18 teams over the next 5 - 10 years. That can easily be done, by adding teams that have traditional / community value and also the non-heartland teams. The game is very stagnant at the moment, with more teams in the top division it will increase the level of competitiveness and help drive the game forward. If we were to create a licensing system, the rug under the top division is swept - leaving yourself with teams in Super League just battling against each other year after year - meaning it will be more stale.
  4. People have had an issue ever since the concept of Super League was mooted. Just look at the comments above. X Team should just be killed off.....
  5. If you are on about 40 clubs in the English Football leagues - there's no chance 40 can compete at the highest level. You are saying a mid-table team competing with Man City? Most PL sides can't cope. Football fans have a lot more respect for other teams. Years gone by the likes of Huddersfield Blackpool, have been in the PL and it's a celebration. Take a look at Leigh in SL and all you get is your face doesn't fit. Tough! And good on Leigh. It's time to end this nonsense that no team is allowed in the top league. If you deserve the chance by winning the Championship GF then let's embrace it and make it a celebration. This team may have bags of heritage and the team will have worked damn hard to get into this position.
  6. Rugby League prides itself on being a family game which is inclusive, uncompromising and passionate, and the principles of RESPECT, set out the obligations on all participants to maintain the game's high standards. Source > https://www.giantsrl.com/the-club/respect-policy#:~:text=GENERAL PRINCIPLES Rugby League prides,maintain the game's high standards.
  7. Sounds interesting, let's hope it's for the good of the game and there is a genuine long term strategy for the game to stabilise and then grow.
  8. It's also clear from watching today's activity that Sky thrive on promotion and relegation - and so do journalists. Nice selling point for the game. "Family Game" / "Community Game" - Sure Sky Sports & The RFL will be singing from the same hymn sheet.
  9. No team, ever needs to be binned. Whether you like them or dislike them - they serve a purpose to the game and it's community.
  10. To call it "Super League" - clubs have to be "Super", no club in the competition is "Super" in comparison to Man Utd, Barcelona, etc. Not even the Aussie clubs.
  11. Interestingly, London are bolded in the Championship. Can only mean one thing. London up, Leigh down.
  12. Just looked at the SL table, all teams in a bold font, apart from Leigh. What do they know?
  13. Wouldn't surprise me if he was rested and I could see Nu Brown being rested next week. Would explain why Hardy didn't play and Minns did. Best we've played all season, even in that second half - there was less mistakes than previous weeks. Good result, good performance, season now really started for them. Nice to see Davies back in the team - he's one of the best in the league. Especially in the defensive line.
  14. HT 26 - 0 to Fev. Best first half of the season from a Fev point of view. Looking a lot more consistent and playing as a team. Making less mistakes. I guess the word in the changing room will be to go out and nil Swinton - that will give them real confidence.
  15. Absolutely with you here. The graphics should be try line corner to corner. Starting on the left wing and finishing on the right, with players set how you would see them in the attacking line.
  16. No pain here Kayakman, it's great to see the game grow further - not shrinking a fighting for every crumb like it is in the UK.
  17. SATURDAY 17th APRIL Batley Bulldogs v Oldham KO 12:45 Widnes Vikings v Dewsbury Rams KO 17:15 SUNDAY 18th APRIL Bradford Bulls v Halifax Panthers KO 17:15 Swinton Lions v Featherstone Rovers KO 12:45 Whitehaven v Newcastle Thunder KO 15:00 York City Knights v Sheffield Eagles KO 19:30
  18. It complains that the RFL didn't check what the record was, but then the article itself doesn't.
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