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  1. Craig hall could do HB as well if needs be swap the backs around and bring gale in Not ideal but there are emergency options there
  2. Just need to win one of our away games you would think - you would say our two remaining home games should be victories
  3. Davies not injured - Mac told him he isnt good enough or big enough to play VS Leigh - cant argue because he has got pulverised the 2 games so far VS Leigh
  4. Yes not good that again but with everyone else nearby loosin that should at least be 2nd sewn up regardless Jacks probably out next week lookin at how he limped off, no bussey in the second half Cannot believe we will see an unfit Jono Ford more than likely take to the field and try and guide us round the park vs leigh Looking forward to the day session round leeds, hopefully will not see the bash game
  5. Pickersgill has fractured something in his back so was the talk on terraces Sat so doubt we are seeing him for a while
  6. Agree with the other comments on here Was bored from min 1-80 to be honest - felt like i was going through the motions as well as the team, something is definately not right, you could tell in the body language when they stood behind the sticks, no conversation or anything just waiting fir the opposistion to kick the goal Its like they always knew they were better than them and could take them to the cleaners at any opportunity - “we will let you score but we will score 3 or 4 more after” sort of mentality No lessons have been learned overall for me and the testing opposistion we probably need wont be coming up in the next few weeks given its London & Haven the next two games, then its York at home before the bash, which mightve been a test but they could be busted given their next two games after this weekend are fax and batley so will we get anything before leigh? Baffling Eseh did not get on considering it was a warm day Oh well
  7. All teams players goad the opposistion fans - were always at it giving it big licks in front of them
  8. Apart from Kheirellah struggling to think of anyone who stood out But he cant be excused - his descision at the end to knock the ball out appears to be a nightmare descision as got injured in that play and helped from the field Just a poor performance - our numerous 34/35/36 year olds in the forward pack looked its age today against that head down, younger more mobile leigh pack, which allowed Ipape to run the game Our ability in the backs to not take a tackle and try and offload it resulting in numerous knock ons early in the tackle count did nkt help us build any pressure That said i dont think we got the 50/50s - i dont mean the ref descisions, i mean the richochets, the bounce of the ball, the loose balls in midfield, everything seemed to fall leighs way It was not a performance that a Brian Mac team is famous for, but however poor we was we were still in the game with 10 mins to go & there are things that can be fixed up
  9. Thought ford got stuck in with regards tackling when he came on - did not have much impact with ball in hand but probably not helped with that with all the posistional changes in the second half but thought his organisation and marshalling of the line and his leadership skills was there for all to see and his influence on games will grow with more gametime
  10. Wildie - no break just bruising misses haven but that should be the only game touch wood
  11. Jacks got a dead leg according to vickers in that interview, said it was nothing serious - being 42-0 up at half time obviously helped with personnel descisions
  12. I dont care what the widnes forum says - i can count and counted them myself what was in that stand after the game kicked off - are you seriously suggesting i just randomly came up with the number of 121?
  13. Counted 121 widnes fans in that stand - poor descision to give them the whole stand - shouldve tarped it off or given them the stable stand
  14. Really hope so - hope we get the support because its clear the away support from most clubs isnt happening - although we probably suspected that
  15. Widnes have cancelled their supporters coaches due to lack of interest so the 5k att that the club keep requesting wont be happening this week
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