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  1. The Sharks are now in limbo 'til they know the Titans v Warriors result.
  2. 12 all at arf thyme. The Sharks are right back in this.
  3. I was shopping, and found a jar of mushroom, mascarpone and black truffle sauce. I just used it as the topping for a dish of cannelloni, with a filling of minced beef, garlic, onions, mushrooms, red wine and a little mirepoix glace. Tasty and very rich - enough that I took a mid-evening nap afterwards.
  4. Can we offer Thakur a nice blue passport before Day 2?
  5. ABBA are back, with an album and virtual tour, after 40 years. Even The Blue Nile think that's quite a long time to wait.
  6. Burns and Hameed gone - England 6 for 2. Argh.
  7. The tail took India to 191. Thakur the highest scorer of the whole side.
  8. Phew, Thakur run out, having scored 57 from 36 deliveries.
  9. Getting Lords flashbacks with this tail-end performance now...
  10. Pant has gone now. He can be a dangerous scorer but, judging by the TMS commentary, he wasn't on his game today.
  11. 122 for 6 at tea. Definitely England's day so far.
  12. It will now start early in 2022. https://www.intrl.sport/news/2022-set-to-be-a-bumper-year-for-women-s-rugby-league-in-australia/
  13. Not quite the glorious carnage of the previous Test's first session, but India are 53 for 3.
  14. Looks like the end of the season for Canberra.
  15. Sorry; getting mixed up with my time zones!
  16. "So how does this compare to other recent televised cricket? Well this year’s Test series between India and England on Channel 4 had a total ‘reach’ of over 9 million viewers, despite being between 4am and noon rather than UK prime time television." Does he mean Australia v India?
  17. 4th Test - The Oval England won the toss and chose to bowl first.
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