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  1. Lots of defensive effort in the first half, shutting down the Saints' backs. If Leeds tire first, the match could turn on that.
  2. I switched over to watch the Challenge Cup - Newcastle seem to have completely folded in the second half.
  3. Leeds 8:4 St Helens at HT. Good game, and Leeds must be confident of overturning the champions.
  4. Waitrose sometimes does octopus carpaccio too. Delicate, clean taste - but not strong. Needs combining with other flavours.
  5. Seeing as he's got an active thread about him...
  6. Last time I cooked squid, I stuffed them with the contents of one of those mixed rice/grains pouches you can get in supermarkets. It needed more seasoning, but was otherwise a promising idea.
  7. Octopus (and squid) are nice, done properly. A short, hot cooking or a long, slow one is recommended. Anything in between and it'll be very chewy. Marinating is often recommended, for flavour and texture. There's a variety of approaches here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/octopus
  8. A 2 point DG attempt from Cleary, but nowhere near going over. His kicking radar's been off this evening, which has been the difference between two fiercely-committed sides. Game over, and the Eels have squeaked a win.
  9. Back-to-back tries put the Eels ahead, with 10 to go. Penrith 14:22 Parramatta
  10. First blood to the Panthers - Dylan Edwards try, Cleary conversion.
  11. The jaws of victory finally get something to chew on at GIO Stadium - 14:4 at FT. Straight over to Penrith/Parramatta now, where it is nil all so far.
  12. Raiders 14:4 Bulldogs, with 4 minutes to go, but Canberra have just lost Croker to a dislocation, in his first match back from injury.
  13. Raiders 12:0 Bulldogs, with about half an hour to go. The Green Machine is quite capable of losing this match, with that much time in hand.
  14. Canberra trying to set a "no try" record here.
  15. Frawley sells a couple of dummies and goes in under the posts. Converted for 10:0.
  16. 22 minutes in, five touchdowns and finally a try is given. Conversion missed - Canberra 4:0 Canterbury
  17. 12-a-side Rugby? A step too far, perhaps?
  18. As Farnworth scores and the conversion takes the score to Souths 12:26 Broncos, the PA system plays Marvin Gaye's "What's going on?"
  19. I doubt Leeds will be nilled because they are good, but St Helens women are a more dominant side than their male equivalent (who aren't exactly shabby themselves).
  20. This song and video was released over 35 years ago. A cracking pop song, a video that made everyone look twice, and a lead singer who still looks annoyingly handsome and well-preserved in 2022. The girl also appeared in a Duran Duran video... as a boy. Best not to ask, eh?
  21. Saturday the 7th of May 2:30pm Carcassonne v Lezignan (Facebook) Sunday the 8th of May 3:00pm Limoux v St-Esteve Catalan (Youtube)
  22. Are you 100% sure about that, Nadine?
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