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  1. In a way, that's a bit reassuring, that we're not being fed a confident yes/no, but that if results are not conclusive, people are being recalled for another test. It suggests that scientific process is taking place, instead of politically-led optimism.
  2. Lovely, as long as she doesn't sing.
  3. Both sides made concessions, which was very civilised of them. However, if the fixtures had been reversed and Shaun Edwards had been playing in the League (second) match, I think he'd have been driving Wigan on to a three-figure score, just to make a point. He was never a particularly merciful or forgiving player - you can see him giving his team-mates a real earful when Bath scored their only try at Maine Road.
  4. No mention of Jemini on this evening's programmes, I assume?
  5. Jeremy is pig-headed, dogmatic, naive, stuck in the past and was (although he'd never admit it) probably terrified of winning. Piers is more on David Icke's level when it comes to the beliefs he propounds. In fact, his views on climate change have seen him travel so far Left, his claims have started being accepted by the extreme Right.
  6. Even the most demonised portrayals of Jeremy Corbyn don't make him out as crazed and obnoxious as his brother actually is.
  7. Apart from the various protests, including the man with the placard saying "I am a FREE I am not MAN a NUMBER", who got arrested, presumably by a mob of English teachers. Or the banner reading "FREEEDOM" or the flag that referred to "Egland". Not to mention the div in full camo with a placard still blaming 5G. Oh, and Piers Corbyn was also arrested. But we hardly needed to mention something that inevitable, did we?
  8. There are a few too many dated and self-indulgent parts of 'Rollerball' for me to call it great, or a top ten contender. A fascinating and sometimes thrilling movie, though (and another victim of a pointless remake). Still...
  9. For those who haven't seen it, here's a taste of the pure insanity of 'Shaolin Soccer'.
  10. If we have a separate top ten for sports documentary features, this genre has seen a huge growth since the release of the superb 'When we were Kings'. More are being made all the time, often to critical acclaim. I'd definitely nominate 'Fire in Babylon' for the top ten in this category. I know many rate 'Senna' highly, but I haven't seen it.
  11. It is dated, and a bit stagey in places. I still admire it, but it has flaws.
  12. In general some sports make for better movies than others. American sports, with the time-outs, give things time to develop*. See also golf, where you can fit in plenty of dialogue and story between holes. Football, on the other hand, doesn't work so well. *and, just for that, I'm including M*A*S*H, for the American Football match which is a great example of just this.
  13. Personal Best. Mariel Hemingway is a track athlete who gets involved with a team-mate. The Karate Kid. This needs explaining? Heaven can wait. Warren Beatty as an American Footballer mistakenly taken to heaven by his guardian angel, and the resulting complications of how this mistake can be undone, given that his earthly body has been cremated. The Hustler. This need explaining? Million Dollar Baby. Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman in a downbeat story about a young women who wants to be a professional boxer. Look elsewhere for a happy ending, despite a degree of resolution at the end. Horse Feathers. When the Marx Brothers get involved in American Football, there's going to be chaos.
  14. I'm excluding feature-length documentaries, as that would make a good top ten in its own right. So, sticking with movies: Personal Best (for <ahem> artistic reasons, amongst other things) The Karate Kid Heaven can wait The Hustler Million Dollar Baby Horse Feathers
  15. Ooh, one just popped out of the distant memory: Paper Lion (1968), based on George Plimpton's book about trying to play a professional American Football game.
  16. A League of their own (despite the presence of Madonna in the cast) Caddyshack (sloppy and incoherent, but with plenty of funny set-pieces) Escape to Victory (not actually very good, but entertaining) The Damned United Does 'Gregory's Girl' count as a Football film? The Longest Yard, aka Mean Machine (definitely NOT the pointless remake)
  17. Not saying these are top ten, but I have enjoyed the following over the years: Belleville Rendezvous Cool Runnings The Wrestler Shaolin Soccer Chariots of Fire Rocky (despite the sport scenes being the least convincing part) I'll think on this a bit more and see what else comes to mind.
  18. Surprised at mentions of Tommy Martyn. A great player, but hardly underrated, especially during the time he and Long were partners in the halves. They were star performers almost every week.
  19. Recently, I watched Freaked (1993), but didn't post about it. Randy Quaid (wait, come back! he's good in this!) plays the owner of a freak show. Alex Winter (Bill & Ted) plays a washed out actor looking for a quick buck. Alex is offered serious money to be the face of a toxic chemical that is banned in the USA and Europe. He's desperate, so he agrees. On a PR tour, he meets Julie, an environmental campaigner and, despite their differences, they end up in the same car with Alex's dopey friend. Spotting the freak show, they go to have a look, and Quaid captures them. He uses (surprise!) the toxic chemical to turn Julie and idiot pal into a conjoined body. Alex is turned into Beast Boy. They meet the other freaks, including Mr T as the bearded lady, Bobcat Goldthwaite as sock-head and an uncredited Keanu Reeves as the dog-boy. Together they plot escape and revenge. All the time, they are aided and annoyed in equal amounts by an obsessive little fan-kid. This has the same manic and chaotic energy as 'Nothing but Trouble', but a more coherent plot. Some of the effects are silly, squishy, gross and imaginative, and Brooke Shields puts in a good turn as the movie's book-ending chat show host. I wasn't surprised to see the Chiodo brothers credited as part of the production, as some of the humour and visual style is reminiscent of the excellent 'Killer Klowns from Outer Space'. Definitely worth a watch, if you can track down a copy.
  20. Lockdown is biting hard - I'm watching Ishtar. Actually (so far, at least) it isn't all that terrible.
  21. They'll never apostatise! Still, if I was asked to say one positive thing about the OP, it's still better than Mick Gledhill's latest crusade to shoehorn Bradford back into the top flight.
  22. Interesting - and maybe a way forward for those companies as smoking becomes ever more restricted and less acceptable around the world.
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