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  1. Yep I think there is He will be hoping that the RFL/SL cave in & allow Leigh to remain as a 13th club.
  2. Yep. 2 of them have 60% or over and even if they lose it will still be high 50s% It’s London or Haven for 6th
  3. You jetting in for the game as it was only recently you stated you couldn’t watch Sky due to not living in the UK? If you are just popping over for the game then good on you
  4. Shed 7 and James who have both released new music over recent years with the latter’s latest album issued in June so I would question them being retro. Their gigs attract a wide age range
  5. I think that providing Haven “do better” result wise* than London then they get into the Top 6. So a draw would suffice if London lost * my maths may not be accurate
  6. I’m trying to work out why this interview was embargoed for the last 48 hours as it says virtually nothing and reads like he has just used words to try to hide his lack of action. The explanation for his “invisibility” over the last 3 months is just a joke. £200k per year for this
  7. Well it motivated them to win today or at least that is no doubt what Derek will be claiming
  8. Are they showing the pre season friendlies next February as I’m looking forward to those key game saving matches
  9. They will have to deposit a bond in future seasons if that’s the case
  10. Don't feed the conspiracy theorists with facts
  11. I agree it is absurd but I wouldn’t put it past them
  12. Saturday game this week just to add to the confusion
  13. Albeit I can see some SL clubs saying nothing for Toulouse but you can have 1/12th of any French TV contract you bring onboard
  14. By covering their funding do you mean that all the French TV money goes into the overall pot with all funds shared 12 ways or just the amount over whatever is 1/11th of the Sky deal or that Toulouse and/ or Catalans keep the full amount? BTW I assume you mean the first option?
  15. You’ve got to keep feeding that conspiracy theory rubbish or it will just fade away
  16. Anyone else expecting, based on the current powers that be, for the 7 figure deal to include pence so only to be for £80,976.34
  17. Zero reasons or excuses for the assault is something everybody will agree with. There is a lack of support & structured development but these 2 issues are not related
  18. £35m pa TV funding on a £26m pa TV deal just about sums up DB’s “plan”
  19. First to score exactly 180 points wins the league?
  20. 3 key things but no easy answers unfortunately At the starter end the education comes from attending society meetings where there are always very robust discussions about incidents especially if you have a couple of senior Level 1 or 2 officials Fitness is down to the individual although if you are not “match fit” then you cannot enjoy the game. It also takes a few games to adjust to each step up The mentoring is the most important though and probably the part which is most lacking. I was lucky that we had 3 or 4 retired ex senior officials who went out to watch mainly junior games every weekend. One hint or tip from them was worth its weight in gold. At open age this dropped off for understandable reasons unless you were lucky to have someone from the society watch your game by chance. Otherwise you were & still are left to sink or swim. I’m not even certain that they still have assessors at every NCL match!
  21. Spot on Jim. After 2 weeks of penalties, 10 metres and cards the issue(s) would disappear
  22. Just be careful as it may impact your ability to attend a pre season friendly in 2023
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