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  1. Kangaroo courts can’t happen over here as they don’t travel. They do have some warm up trials scheduled for February
  2. Does anyone know what type of car Rimmer drives?
  3. It could also be a Bulls supporter as the comparison is with them. Has anyone seen Gledhill recently?
  4. A close game with a contentious but ultimately 100% correct refereeing decision deciding the result followed by this forum going into full meltdown mode with plenty of tinfoil being used
  5. Both of whom would never associate themselves with Wakefield
  6. Toulouse have looked the best Championship team that I have seen this season albeit on limited evidence & I hope that they win next week but if they lose to Fev then that’s not a problem and Fev will have won their place in SL fairly and in line with the rules in place
  7. Expand please? How much should he have been paid?
  8. Also it shows up some of the more “traditional” clubs and their inability to get decent attendances for big matches
  9. Whilst the 4000 attendance is well argued how many attended the Toulouse v Batley match which had no away fans?
  10. The end of season jolly to Toronto is presumably cancelled?
  11. So why have Catalans managed to sell out for this game but last week’s matches had such poor attendances?
  12. So is that an emergency centre signing for Hull about 5 weeks into the season?
  13. So McManus v Hetherington. Will this game confirm who really controls the RFL or SLE? Who picks the referees? Who manipulates the Disciplinary? Saints but not by much
  14. And some of the games in the Championship during the season have been just as good
  15. Yep Haven did play away matches on Premier They also played at London on a Wednesday in a non TV midweek game which involved some players catching the bus straight after a night shift; travelling; playing; travelling and then straight back to work
  16. I heard a rumour about Wigan and I can understand him not wanting to go out on loan
  17. From what I’ve seen this season Walmsley is better than Championship standard so if the SL clubs haven’t already been knocking on his door then they should be asking themselves what scouting & recruitment systems they have in place. He is also an excellent goal kicker and the bottom end of SL next season will be very tight and a good goal kicker will be invaluable
  18. And in a sport that leaks on a regular basis this latest “theory” has not been seen anywhere else but this thread. Not one of the sport’s journalists who seem to manage to get details of ever change early has mentioned it
  19. Don’t worry he’s back taking his invisibility tablets
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