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  1. This is your first post on the topic A distinct lack of mentioning “non league” or even amateur clubs
  2. If my club are unable to compete in this season’s cup then frankly I am not bothered. There are much bigger issues and COVID 19 aside the biggest single thing for the game in 2021 is the World Cup. A successful tournament would be a massive boost not only to the game but every single club not forgetting probably the country
  3. Doesn’t it increase the pressure on them to actually do something?
  4. So let’s say Wakefield get planning permission and have the funding available which looks a possibility where does that leave Cas?
  5. I refereed a Pudsey team who played in the Yorkshire League
  6. On the assumption that planning permission is granted will thus become the first time that Wakefield will have both planning and funding simultaneously ?
  7. It will make it very difficult for the BBC to ignore the Tournaments across their channels
  8. England 320-4 at the end of Day 2. Root unbeaten on 168
  9. As unlikely as you may think that is definitely what will happen
  10. Technically at the time you purchased it the market value was £3.15m as evidenced by the purchase price
  11. The Indian cricket team can sometimes come across as a bit aloof but they are genuine massive names at home and at the World Cup last year I saw them going out of their way at times to engage with fans etc The Aussies are just what you expect - nothing good to say in my experience - their “new” mask is slipping and they continue to “push the line” again
  12. An excellent performance by India on Day 5. Tim Paine had a bit of a nightmare - 3 dropped catches; a demerit point for dissent and being “owned” by Ashwin in an exchange of verbals
  13. Warne is basically not a nice individual
  14. We definitely messed around with the awarding of the head & feed before going to the handover.
  15. I’m not certain on this but didn’t we for a time award the feed to the team based on territory I.e. if you were in the opponent’s hair you got head & feed. It may have only been for a season
  16. Without speaking to every agent & player I don’t know who is available so a silly question. I just very strongly believe that if a player is banned in Australia that he shouldn’t be signed over here
  17. Inglis isn’t or ever was banned from the game. Barba is/ was. That to me is a massive difference in this instance. I would be saying the same if my club was the 12th
  18. They can support a request outside the stated criteria in exceptional circumstances eg injury or a “star” player. A player banned from the NRL wouldn’t meet these
  19. I can only assume he met the criteria prevailing at the time. Also hasn’t he played more recently than Barba And Inglis wasn’t banned from the sport
  20. I’ve seen nothing that says that it has changed & unless it does this story is merely speculation probably started by either the player or their Agent
  21. A certain percentage of NRL games or Internationals or a British passport
  22. How does he qualify for a Visa?
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