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  1. RL fan criticises RL club for having facilities that can be used for a multitude of events and which create additional income streams.
  2. So am I. Either the changes are not that revolutionary or IMG don’t know their audience.
  3. Probably no leaks as the clubs don’t know yet
  4. No the RFL that is corrupt and manipulates the result of every match by both the refereeing appointments and the disciplinary. That RFL!!
  5. Mount Pleasant will probably meet that already and if not then Kevin will have a plan
  6. Thank you for counting them. If it hadn’t been for you & others on this thread I would never have noticed as I was watching a really good game of RL which seemed to have a fantastic atmosphere
  7. On Lomax in the first half. Wasn’t seen by the Match Officials & not replayed by Sky
  8. I don’t doubt you took it from RedVee
  9. I have no idea ( a job at the RFL beckons ) The underneath may or may not be correct
  10. So most if not all agree the following:- The referee got it correct under current guidelines to err on the side of caution hence the sin bin. The tackle looked and still looks like foul play The MRP got it correct by issuing a 2 match ban The ORP v1 (Aka Appeals Panel 1) got it correct with upholding the ban but then used the wrong word(s) which Saints used as a loophole to appeal the appeal decision The ORP v2 (aka Appeals Panel 2) got it correct as they were boxed in by the words used by ORPv1 The only remaining question is why don’t the RFL via their own policy appeal the current decision, which they can do, as being incorrect or too lenient. The alternative is that chicken wing type tackles will become the norm unless the current review, which had already been set up by the RFL closes this potential loophole?
  11. Especially if Knowles is sent off in the first few minutes of the Final
  12. Maybe the best way to deal with domestic bans carrying over is that any Grade A-C I.e. the automatic ones are carried over into the next domestic season whilst the more serious D+ count towards International matches?
  13. Going out on “loan” when you don’t have a game that week counts towards a ban and a number of clubs have used that loophole including this season.
  14. What were you doing around tea time today? Sitting in an appeal hearing?
  15. He will have a hearing presumably this evening
  16. It definitely can’t be him deleting his inspirational speeches and interviews …….
  17. Saints will have to pay any costs incurred with an appeal if they lose
  18. From memory didn’t he have at least a B from last season? If you have his full record you can follow it through the process outlined in the link I posted
  19. https://www.rugby-league.com/flipbooks/2022-operational-rules-tiers-1-3/index.html I think this clarifies your query?
  20. The lower end bans are automatic dependant upon previous & grading etc so presumably not. As I said you can’t check on the RFL site for the definitive answer as Ralph has switched the server off
  21. Bateman charged with a Grade D striking charge. The ban ranges from 3 to 5 matches so presumably out of the World Cup if found guilty
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