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  1. it doesnt matter what the different levels are like because the countries are very much at different stages... its obvious if you want to look at it along with vaccinations and hospitalisations.. but lets not derail and get John getting the delete option back out agian.. its a pointless argument as they are 2 extremely different situations and not only that but where we are today is irrelevant its where we are in 3 months when they actually land that is important.. and we are on track to be more than ok by all the modelling.
  2. Tokyo is in an a state of Emergency and Japan is pretty much locked down...
  3. I said it on page 8 and i'll say it again... hes a giant windbag and the less we hear from him the better!
  4. for the smaller nations thought it could cost them massively... they have signed agreements in place... Australia are sticking their chest out... NZ are being paid off but legal challenges could still hurt them... the smaller nations cannot afford that.. it could get messy but i think its a fight we need to have..
  5. hes just brought up the new zealand cricket team that came over last year when we were in a worse situation arguably.. good point..
  6. And they dont even want to go to the barbers to allow us to make a toupe for our 2 bald men... does that work? really not sure...
  7. have to say i am feeling a bit more bullish than i was when this first broke. The comments on here and the bbc, the statements coming out of the RFL, IRL and RLWC are all fighting and I like that.. fight for the international game.. keep us in the news cycle calling out the aussies.. just had a bit of time in our factory with some of the guys i've been able to get interested in going to Bramall Lane and they've, pretty much to a man, just said "f8ck 'em, play it without them!"... theres still a tournament to be had here.. we need the RLWC and IRL to fight for it (need to make sure the islands and other minor nations are still up for this, Brazil statement is brilliant etc) but we can still do it, they may still come but lets get this going without them..
  8. I agree.. problem is I'm coaching Union... i have been talking to eagles about a coaching session that helps with the cross over skills, lines of running, defence lines etc (how i sold it to the RU club).. with the other idea of introducing some kids to league with a carrot of a world cup to watch and the potential of a relationship down the line that could form between the two clubs... just handing the game to union though if there is no international element IMHO
  9. i'm liking the noises coming out of the IRL and the world cup.. sounds very much as if they are up for the fight.. The Russians compete in athletics as neutral athletes.. The World Cup can put together rep teams, get a coach (Tim Sheens and AN Other??) and get the games on.. Oxen can make the kit (they rip off kits for fun anyway ).. its very doable if the players want it.
  10. Tokyo is in a state of emergency and in lock down.. our cases were low when no one was allowed out.
  11. problem is 1 million as an altruistic donation (loss) would be something.. but stumping up 1 million to make 3-4 (for example) is purely business and while it is good business i dont think they should necessarily be lauded for their internationalism on that front..
  12. i would agree they shouldnt be "expected to" and they may not need to either if everything goes to plan (and this spike was part of the "plan") but they may feel they ought to to be sure.. however, no player should be forced to and should not be punished for saying no if they felt they could not.. however, to unilaterally pull out is wrong.
  13. bring on rebel teams.. this could get quite interesting.. going back to my answer to this... IF the players really start to shout and a lot of noise is made to make the ARL etc see sense then my view would change as there is hope.. Right now though there is no hope with the attitude of the governing body.. I dont think this is over
  14. nope.. not even if they paid me right now... stuff them, international RL is a waste if this is the attitude.
  15. i dont know how to split quote anymore so: 1. the whole point of saying "you dont need to look very hard" is that you dont need to look at all (but you know this because your not an idiot, your just trying to make a point by being funny)... its had national coverage for major announcements and events on major channels and papers. 2. not sure what i've listed that you have an issue with.. of course its my opinion thats why its prefaced by "i think" however it is based on 43 years of experience of seeing what happens around major football tournaments. 3. Yes it will but in 2021 we have nothing to compete with.. the olympics will have been over by 2-3 months.. the premier league season and autumn internationals will be on (they are every year so we cannot avoid them) but this is a major tournament so can cut through that.. it cannot and will not cut through anywhere near a football world cup.. to say otherwise is frankly idiotic. 4. yes you are right.. and the solution is to stick 2 fingers up and move on with 2021.. going to 2022 could be more damaging than carrying on with it this.. (and for you to argue that is just your opinion too.. )
  16. at no point has the govt been mentioned.. this is a league decision not a governmental one.
  17. but but but... that would mean the players having to be in bubbles again for more months after the season ends.. in their international teams.. oh hang on, now thats ok and there isnt a player welfare issue because it benefits Australia.. its all about the 2 week quarantine and who pays for it.. Gus Gould is a wind bag and the less we hear from him the better. Anyone who thinks the aussies dont just think the NRL is the only thing that is important and true international RL is pointless (especially the NH) is being shown they are wrong right here with comments like that..
  18. and play it this year with 2 rebel teams.. next year is dead time TBH
  19. There is no way I would go to one of those matches you suggest and i would guess it would garner very little sponsorship (budgets spent for this year on the RLWC) and i cant see much press coming from it either.. I have tickets for the RLWC final and some group games.. i'm massively disappointed really not sure if i will take the refund or move the tickets to 2022 but at the moment i wouldnt go to another international game of league if you were giving me the ticket for free TBH.. its a dead duck..
  20. but it will.. there is no escaping that.. even if it finishes before hand we will be drawned by the "bring it home" brigade in the papers.. If you havens seen anything to suggest this was going to cut through i suggest you havent been looking hard... this has had the best publicity over the last year or so of ANYTHING in RL i remember... this was/is a real chance to move forward.. I still think with 2 rebel teams we play on.. (even without get 2 more teams in and crack on... ) i think the publicity would be roundly positive now that it has been shat on by these 2... if they had a genuine worry i think there would be sympathy but with this I think even our normally negative press could get behind it with a "screw you" attitude..
  21. the clue is that it is 3 months away and the modelling is that we probably wont even need secure bubbles by then (they;ll still no doubt do it to be sure but they wont need it).. The postponements are around contact tracing not infections (but you know this because you read the news and are on this board).. 1 person = 6 give or take.. come mid august this wont be an issue either when the contact tracing rule goes... its really not difficult to see how this is not going to be a problem. (one caveat being another variant that is vaccine resistent not turning up.. but frankly that caveat could have been placed before anything 2 years ago [and is in insurance documents about natural disasters and force majoure etc] and will always be on peoples minds for the next generation)
  22. not just the competition but the people involved.. even if you hated the comp you wouldnt do this if you have any sort of respect for those invovled.. time for the ex NSW politician to start pulling some strings.
  23. me too and i feel fine.. well except for the normal stuff anyway... and i did have a bad back the week after my second jab... though i had been pulling up a few things in the garden and, you know what, it may have been that and not the jab!
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